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What Would You Dare?

Everyone has their “lay down” distributor.  By this I mean we all have someone we can call and say, “Just give me your credit card, you need to do this.”   It doesn’t take much courage to sponsor those people.  But what about the others? Continue reading “What Would You Dare?”

Learning from Winners

So your brother-in-law can explain all the reasons why Network Marketing doesn’t work.  I bet he can explain reasons why a lot of things don’t work.  That’s because he’s a loser. Continue reading “Learning from Winners”

Winning Hearts vs. Convincing Minds

Most people think the secret of success in recruiting is disseminating enough information.  If only it were that easy… Continue reading “Winning Hearts vs. Convincing Minds”

Tap Root to Create Exponential Growth

Every top leader has chased their structure at some point.  The smart ones don’t just work with personal enrollees or worry about who is in their pay range.  The savvy ones get down in depth and “tap root” for growth. Continue reading “Tap Root to Create Exponential Growth”

Plant the Bamboo Early

Last post we discussed why you want to keep sponsoring until you have four lines chasing you.  Here’s the other thing you must know.  You want to be having six to 10 lines at the events.  Those extra lines are the bamboo plants… Continue reading “Plant the Bamboo Early”

Being Prime in Prime Time

Why You Have to Build Wide, Part Two

Last post I suggested that you need to have at least four growing lines.  Here’s why… Continue reading “Being Prime in Prime Time”

Why You Have to Build Wide

Almost everyone I counsel with has the same problem.  They’re chasing after the same few team members trying to manage their way to being rich.  But they haven’t sponsored enough people personally.   Continue reading “Why You Have to Build Wide”

The Pace of Follow Up

So I’m hosting a first look presentation and there’s a sharp looking, young guy a couple rows back.  But the whole time he’s clicking away on his iPhone.  I’m thinking he’s not paying attention to a word being said… Continue reading “The Pace of Follow Up”

The 4 Stages of Recruiting

Thanks for the nice comments on the last post about really working the business.  I couldn’t help but notice however, that many of you said positive things – but didn’t answer the question about what you’ve done for your business this week.   Continue reading “The 4 Stages of Recruiting”

Doing the Business

Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog.  Just hope you don’t think this is building your business.  It’s not… Continue reading “Doing the Business”

Helping Broke People

What we do in this business is help broke people.  But here’s something you may not realize… Continue reading “Helping Broke People”

Reaching Your Goals

We set a lot of goals in our business.  And miss a lot of them.  By the nature of who gets attracted to the profession, you’re probably an optimistic person.   Continue reading “Reaching Your Goals”

Chasing After Dead People

“I See Dead People.”  Remember that movie with Bruce Willis and the kid that saw dead people?  And the shocking ending when you found out he was dead all along?   Continue reading “Chasing After Dead People”

Securing a Line, Part 4

So far over the last three posts we’ve looked at the roles you play in securing lines.  Now let’s explore how to lock things up into true passive income… Continue reading “Securing a Line, Part 4”

Securing a Line, Part 3

Okay if the first post of the series we looked at what you must train your new team members on. Then last post we explored how to train them to train others. Now we get to the fun part… Continue reading “Securing a Line, Part 3”