Winning Hearts vs. Convincing Minds

Most people think the secret of success in recruiting is disseminating enough information.  If only it were that easy…

If it were, all you would have to do to build would be leaving flyers around town, handing out DVDs at the mall, or assaulting your prospects with all the lab tests and other scientific data about your product line.

That stuff is good for convincing minds.  But to really break through to the top reaches of success in our business, you have to win over hearts.

And the way to do that is show your team that you are their partner for success.  That means getting in their living rooms and media rooms.

Your people may not remember all the ingredients, peer review studies and research about your product line.  But they’ll sure remember if you were in their home, helping them with their first presentations, dealing with prospects and partnering with them.

So how you doing on that?


22 thoughts on “Winning Hearts vs. Convincing Minds

  1. Great post Randy but I have a quetion. How would you “get in to” peoples homes while building online? We’ve reached out to hundreds of people in our group but don’t have that one to one contact with them you speak of.
    Cheers, Rick and Julia Irrgang

      1. So then Randy with the move to the internet, facebook and all the attraction marketing going on out there. You don’t see any of that as a business building tool? I’m very confused as to weather there is any thing to it or not. I built a good business but don’t want to miss out on opportunity because you can’t teach the old dog new tricks guy . Whats you thoughts

        1. I think that the internet and social media are good tools to build your business in the same way that the telephone is a good way to build your business. It should be used as a method of contact with people who you have some degree of personal relationship with, or as a medium to build relationships with acquaintances.

          In theory I think you might be able to use the internet to reach out to lots of people, but these leads wont duplicate well, or have nearly the same commitment/belief levels that a personal contact will. It’s not like it’s hard to find contacts with contacts anywhere in the world. Use your time doing stuff that works!

  2. Good stuff Randy!
    I have found that “convincing” may get them in, but they will most likely be gone.
    It is so important to build relationships and T.E.A.M. in this business.

    Keep it coming…


  3. I think leading by proven example is the best policie. When your in a prospective TEAM MATE living room or kitchen it is a much more intimate way to get into their imagination and dream. And also in closing pour your energy into that prospect and let that propect know that they will not be ALONE!

  4. I have found in my past that so many ‘leaders’ miss this. I’ve been forgotten after being recruited, left to my own accord. Luckily, I am self-motivated and ambitious, and have quite the library of books and audios that I myself have bought. I’ve found videos from my teachers (you are at the top of this list Randy), and have learned that it issooo important to be there for your downline. By being a casualty of mistakes of my upline(s), I have learned how to be a great leader (by not doing what they did).

    Thanks Randy! Another great, thought-provoking post! Now we’re ready for another on on how to find that fine line where you are ‘there for them’, but not their doormat. I have a good handle on this, but would love to read your words on this! : )

    1. Gina I agree with you. I also was sponsored and left to build and learn on my own. I built a large team over 5000 stronge, but it sure drags you down being it for everyone and not having anyone to lean on. But it’s not about me it’s about them. We carry the load because thats just the way it is. Gena you are a winner. Be the light for your team

    2. I totally agree with you Gina, but I do have one thing to add. Instead of trying to be there for your whole team. Why not pick some of the best people in your downline and teach them how to be better leaders. Then they can help you and your team grow. Just a thought.

  5. Absolutely brilliant and perfectly timed for my purposes. I will proudly quote you on this Randy.

    Thanks so much!

  6. In an earlier time when someone was going to build a barn or even their first home their friends, family and closest neighbors appeared and the event was a number of summer long events of mutual support and friendship.

    It would seem after all the time and effort to find someone who is willing to work with me I would do the same to assist in our mutual support and friendship. The biggest difference is it may take 3-8 summers of events to build.

  7. Hey Randy Gage.

    leaving flyers around town, handing out DVDs at the mall, or assaulting your prospects with all the lab tests and other “old school” ways of marketing, are not
    effective ways for recruiting leads and prospects.People to day are used to
    encounter much uneeded information, and to ignore it.
    The best way to “Winning Hearts vs. Convincing Minds”,is to “get in to” peoples homes “/ by brainding in the internet,videos ,and to give useful values

  8. I agree! Good post, Randy.
    As great as all this online stuff sounds I am learning that belly to belly is the only way to do this business. Especially for a person like me who is a real “people person”.

  9. Randy,

    what if you live in a very rural area where there aren’t the numbers to get into enough people’s homes? or if you meet someone online who you may have connected with over the phone and they too live in very rural area? are you just saying that those who you can, get into their living rooms and do it?

    1. Mark Skype is a great tool for building relationships. Face to face is best but if you can’t do that. Don’t just leave it to a phone call. Skype will add a new diminution to your basic phone call. They will feel like they can trust you more when they can see your eyes. Hope that helps

  10. This business always will be about building relationships & empowering people that want to be empowered.

    Like we’ve said before Randy…”we’re looking for people who are looking”.

    – Warren Little

  11. Hey Randy, I agree brother..

    Everyone is worried about the next

    Big Tool that will drive the MOST

    traffic to their websites, when winning

    HEARTS is the Heart of the Matter.. People

    are looking for a Breakthrough.. Well, let me

    Rephrase, they NEED a breakthrough. Thanks

    for posting this again Randy.. God Bless:)

    Ontarian “The Vegetarian’

  12. I really feel that the best way to succeed in this business is to be a teacher as well as a student. You must keep learning to stay ahead of the curve. Then you must teach your downline to do as you do. Leaders are made, not born.

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