Inspiring Others with Your Story

No one wants to hear how rich, sexy, amazing, and happy you are.  Or at least they don’t until after they heard how poor, unattractive, mediocre, and miserable you used to be. Continue reading “Inspiring Others with Your Story”

Leaders Solve Problems

BREAKING NEWS: There are going to be challenges when you build your business. People will make mistakes. Your team leaders will experiment with many approaches. Some will work great. Others not so great. Continue reading “Leaders Solve Problems”

Never Giving Up on Yourself

Okay, your hot prospect never showed up for the presentation. That’s cute.  Continue reading “Never Giving Up on Yourself”

The Cost of Living Your Dream

One thing you should know is that your business will never be more difficult than it is at the beginning.  The first month is the hardest. The first week is the hardest.  But often the difficulty of these earliest struggles in disguised by the initial excitement and hope we bring into the business.  As that euphoria wears off, people often assign too much emphasis to the struggles and lose sight of the long game. Continue reading “The Cost of Living Your Dream”

How to Win at Network Marketing

So how do you “win” at network marketing? Well first we need to define what win actually means for you. Continue reading “How to Win at Network Marketing”

Developing New Leaders

We’re at the lost post on our series of the seven actions that separate average team members in network marketing from team leaders. (If you missed the first six, you can find them here.) Action number seven is… Continue reading “Developing New Leaders”

The Lie That Holds You Back…

Beliefs are a fascinating thing. The right ones can empower you. The wrong ones can enslave you. Continue reading “The Lie That Holds You Back…”

Setting the Proper Culture

Let’s talk about culture. Not the opera, ballet, and tuxedo type of culture.  But the culture you must set in order to create a powerful, energized team… Continue reading “Setting the Proper Culture”

Modeling the Behavior

So you have some interesting business-building theories you want to train your team on. But that’s not going to work… Continue reading “Modeling the Behavior”