The Lie That Holds You Back…

Beliefs are a fascinating thing. The right ones can empower you. The wrong ones can enslave you.

There’s a very prevalent but erroneous belief in network marketing. Probably the biggest myth out there – and the thing that probably keeps people from achieving their place in leadership, than any other false belief.

(This is number six in a series of the traits that separate average team members from team leaders. You can read the first five here.)

So what’s the destructive myth, the big lie?

And what is action number six that real leaders take, that makes them successful?

The problem is the mythical creature known as “the fearless leader.”  That’s a term you hear bandied about quite a bit and it’s entered the popular consciousness.  But there is no such thing as a fearless leader.  That’s simply a belief people created to validate why they aren’t successful.

Here’s how this plays out…

You’re sitting in the audience at your company convention or other major event.  One of the leaders is up on stage, sharing their story, or conducting a training session.

You’re sitting in the back, thinking to yourself that it was somehow different for them than it is for you.  They seem so polished, confident and successful.  It appears like they really are a “fearless leader,” someone who has no fears.

But that’s a lie.

The leaders you see on the stage aren’t fearless.  They are up there because they faced their fears.

They had dropouts, no shows and rejection.  But instead of quitting because they had fear – they chose to succeed in spite of those fears.

And so can you.  If you choose to…

Next post, we’ll explore the final action that separates average team members from successful leaders.  Until then, go out and be amazing!


3 thoughts on “The Lie That Holds You Back…

  1. Wow Randy! Did you eavesdrop on my conversation with Chris Lianos on Monday night? This is EXACTLY what we talked about. You’re 100% correct in how to work through it. Just take action, learn, take action, learn…until everyone assumes you do it without a sweat 🙂

  2. Thanks for this section. That’s the way I be thinking sometimes about the leaders in my organization but now I know that’s a lie. They have faced their fears.

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