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Randy Gage meeting plannersRandy Gage is consistently rated the number one trainer in the world, by the distributors in the field. He has spoken to more than 2 million people across more than 50 countries, selected as one of the “Who’s Hot!” 25 speakers worldwide by Speaker magazine.

You’ll see the results in recruiting, sales, and rank advancements long after the event is over. Your people will be motivated, but more importantly, they’ll learn exactly how to be successful in the business.

Randy doesn’t share boring theories. He gives away the exact strategies he used to build a network of 200,000 plus members and earn millions of dollars in commissions.

After Randy’s keynote, you’ll get fired-up, productive people, and you’ll look like a hero. More importantly, you’ll see the positive results, long after the conference is over.

Investment Schedule

Keynote Speech
North America — US$35,000
Overseas — US$40,000

Half-day Workshop
North America — US$45,000
Overseas — US$60,000

Full-day workshop
North America — US$75,000
Overseas — US$95,000

Strategic Leadership Retreat
North America — US$125,000

virtual programs

Virtual Programs:

If you have a limited budget, Mr. Gage can deliver your programs through Skype or streaming Internet, for one-half of the live fee, plus a small technology fee.



Because Mr. Gage has to change itineraries frequently, booking requires a full-fare, refundable, First Class airline ticket. If we can combine the travel to or from another event, we will prorate the costs for you. In addition, you will provide accommodations at a five-star hotel, transfer, and meals.



For security purposes, Mr. Gage’s hotel reservations should not be in his name. We will provide you with a pseudonym to use. For events of more than 1,000 people, it is necessary to have security personnel posted in front of the stage.

There must be a green room with bathroom facilities located behind the stage without access to the general public. There needs to be a secure back stage entrance with car and personnel to get him in and out of the venue. Please do not publicly disclose Mr. Gage’s arrival and departure times, air carriers, etc.



You may record Mr. Gage’s presentation on audio or video for internal use in your organization at no charge. However if the recording is to be sold, there is an additional charge of 50% of the speaking fee for audio recordings and 75% of the speaking fee for video recordings. Audience members may photograph or record short clips of Mr. Gage at their pleasure, and he encourages them to do so.