Become Amazing at Meeting People

Everyone comes into the business with their current list; the people they know.  And how you do with that list depends on how your relationships with them have been up to that point.

Some people start with a list of 25 and get in 18.  Others start with a list of 200 and can’t get in eight.  And it’s really not their invitation skills.  It’s how they interacted with that list before they ever joined the business.  That’s the good news and the bad news.

When I started in Network Marketing, my list did terrible for me.  Why?  Because I wasn’t very well liked.  The interactions I had been having with people weren’t pleasant for them, and the last thing they wanted was to have to spend more time with me.

I had no credibility or trust in the business, because people didn’t like or trust me before I joined the business!

And for you and everyone you bring into the business, you will face the same dynamic. Your early success is going to be determined by the level of relationships and influence you had before you even joined.

After being out of the business for a few years, I got back into the game. My list of contacts worked amazing for me! What changed?

I had. I had become a better person and thus inspired belief and trust in the people around me. My relationships with people were built on mutual respect and value.

This is the reality for everyone entering the business. How you’ve been with people in the past will impact how well your invitations work with them when you begin.  For some of you, like me, you’ll need the personal growth that comes from the business in order to do well from your first list.  You may actually do better with the new people you meet.  You can start fresh today with new people you can meet.

It is one of the reasons that using third party tools is so important. It makes the process about the opportunity, instead of being about you. It also reinforces why the skillset of meeting people is such an important dynamic in the business. Even though I had good relationships the second time around, I still needed to meet new people.  And so do you.

I’ve earned more than $11 million since I got back in the biz.  And more than half of that is from volume produced by people I didn’t know when I got in.  And every top leader you talk to will tell you a similar story.

A huge part of our income – and yours – will come from people you don’t know yet when you begin the business. Meeting people is a skill, and one that anyone can develop. And it separates the amateurs from the professionals. Professionals don’t complain about what they can’t do.  They learn how to do it.

Amateurs say, “I don’t know that many people,” or “I’ve already talked with everyone on my list.” Professionals recognize that meeting people is a skill, and they practice it continuously to get better at it.

Some important things to remember:

  • In the beginning, you will pay or you will get paid, for who you were before you joined the business.
  • The good prospects aren’t in your home.  The people who live there are already in, or they aren’t good prospects.
  • Get through your first list as quick as possible and learn how to meet new people.
  • Your candidate list should be organic, always changing as people join, opt out and you meet new ones.
  • The best time to meet new people is before you get through your first list.
  • You can always change the equation by going out and meeting some new people today!

– RG

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  1. Gage this is such a great post that has amazed me, thank u for the guidance u give to us everyday of ur life. Learning doesn’t surely stop, because I thought meeting people is already in me but I have learnt more new things in this post.

  2. If everyone understood the value of using 3rd-party tools when prospecting, and actually implemented this strategy, teams worldwide would grow exponentially.

    Thanks Randy. Great article.
    Looking forward to your next book.

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