Are You Ready for Your Breakthrough?

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting trained, mentored and coached by one of the most successful people to ever enter our profession – you’re going to love my Breakthrough U coaching program!  It’s your opportunity to get real-world mentoring from me someone who has actually been working in the business for more than 30 years, and operating at a world-class level for the last 20.

If you are a top leader or want to become one – this program is for you.  Or if you are a company owner or executive who wants to really understand what happens in the field and how you can best support your sales force – this program is for you.   It’s a chance to work with me personally, letting me mentor and guide you how to best build your organization.   I’ve designed it to give YOU the most customized, personal attention and coaching possible.

This program will help you grow and develop into an legendary leader in our profession. You will receive personalized coaching from me, in all aspects of how to improve your leadership, team building, recruiting, management, and marketing skills.

Let me share what the actual coaching process will look like and how you can participate…

Every month, you will participate in an online webinar with me. Each month we’ll explore one topic that’s important for improving your skills, building your confidence and growing your business. (Expect something that will help you expand your team and volume.) This is a live, interactive event with you, other members of the coaching program, and I.

I will begin with a presentation, but leave adequate time afterward for your comments and questions. If you are not able to participate live, it will be recorded so you can watch or re-watch again. You get to attend a personal success seminar every month, but without having to leave home or get on an airplane.

Four personal consultations with me, each year. You’ll receive my private e-mail address, so you can submit a burning question you have on recruiting, working with your team, or a leadership issue you want advice on. Or, you can send a summary (up to three pages) of an idea or concept you want feedback on. This could be a marketing campaign, new presentation overview, training program, new tool for your system, etc. I will analyze it and give you constructive input on how it might be improved to be more effective for you.

Please note that these cannot be rolled over to the following year. I don’t want extra consultations hanging over my head. Use them or lose them.

Next, you will receive my monthly Biz Breakthroughs Brief.  The Brief is private and confidential email, available only to Breakthrough U members. It isn’t for sale to outsiders at any price. (And as part of your membership agreement, you agree not to sell or distribute it to anyone else.) It’s my opportunity to share some important, thought-provoking aspect of how you can expand your reach and work each month. Each month I’ll also include some action steps that you can take to grow your business.

You will be accepted into a private, members-only Facebook group.  This is another opportunity for you to brainstorm and network with me and other members of the group. It’s a place where I can post quick tips and updates when I want to share something with you quickly. Best of all, I can stream Facebook Live video at any time.

NOTE: This is NOT a forum for recruiting and pitching people. Anyone who does so will be banned and dropped from the program. It’s meant to be a community to share things that benefit all. Instead of fighting over the pie, we will work together making the pie bigger.

You will receive a 50 percent discount on admission for the annual MLM Boot Camp I will be bringing back.  I conducted three of these earlier in my career for price tags of $5,000 and $10,000 a person! This is your chance to meet in person, for a weekend of mind-expanding sessions on recruiting, duplication and developing leadership. These will be intense, in-depth learning experiences, designed to give you immediate action steps you can take back to your group to supercharge growth.

The people you will network with at this event are the serious players in our space. There will be million-dollar producers, top income earners, and high level company execs. Just what you can learn networking in the breaks and hallways can return your entire investment in this program. Imagine the powerful and life-changing things you can learn from a group like this. If you can’t pick up at least one million-dollar idea at each event – you’re just not trying!

Here’s a recap of what you will receive:

  • One live monthly interactive webinar.
  • Four personal consultations each year.
  • The monthly Biz Breakthroughs Brief.
  • Membership in the private Facebook community.
  • 50% discount on the annual MLM Boot Camp.

Please.  Lock in your spot before they’re gone.  Then find two to four of your BEST potential leaders – and have them enroll along with you, before all the spaces are gone.  See the details here:

I’m not doing any outside marketing for this.  The spaces will fill quickly and I’m only interested in the people who understand the value of this, and are willing to do the work necessary for true, lasting success.  If that is you, let’s get to work!
– RG
P.S.  Here’s the link again:    Call your key leaders and make sure they lock up a slot before they are gone.

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