Keep Sponsoring Until You Create Critical Mass

Whatever you do, don’t fall prey to believing the title that your comp plan gives you! Remember something: companies like to create titles that sound important. But don’t take them so literally.

You enroll two people and they call you a “Supervisor,” so you think you’re supposed to stop sponsoring people and supervise the two you have. If you enroll four, they call you something like “Manager,” so you stop recruiting to manage the team. Or you break “Director,” so you think your job is to direct the team.

Let’s get something clear…

When you have a team of at least 10,000 members, then you can start to think about supervising, managing or directing it. Until then, keep enrolling!

We can also make the argument that you shouldn’t ever stop enrolling; just reduce it proportionately. I was still enrolling even when my last team had more than 200,000 members.

Why would I? Why should you?

The opportunities available for your prospects aren’t any less desirable simply because you have a large team. In fact, they’re probably better then. And you will always be encountering new people who could use what you have to offer. So please don’t freeze anyone out.

The other consideration is the surprising reality that it is actually easier to grow the business fast, than it is to grow it slow. Seriously.

There is a special excitement palpable in teams that are growing fast. People sense it, feel it and are emboldened by it. When they see new team members under them in their back office it creates real excitement. Watching meetings, conference calls and webcasts grow in size creates the same kind of excitement. And there is also a healthy sibling rivalry type of enthusiasm created.

Another factor is the initial fervor, zeal and passion that most people begin the venture with. For most, their excitement and enthusiasm will never be higher than this beginning stage. So if you go all out, many of them will follow your suit, creating an even more powerful energy and momentum for the entire team.

That excitement and enthusiasm causes everyone to reach higher, try harder and stay more focused. Compare that with the alternate possibility…

How excited do you think someone gets from their organization growing from ten people in January to 11 in February? What happens to energy in meetings that have plateaued at the same attendance for the last year? How do your people respond when they hear about teams from other companies creating strong momentum while they are stuck in neutral?

If you are building your business slow and deliberate, you are doing the job the hardest way possible.

So give yourself a break. Keep sponsoring strong when you first begin the business. (Or start sponsoring strong, if you started out slow and you’re just waking up now as you read this!) When you enroll a large number of people, you create that sibling rivalry we discussed, which helps drive most of the team.

You’re also doing one of the most important roles of a leader: modeling the correct behavior for your team to follow. You provide every single person on your team with a better chance of reaching success by demonstrating the best path to follow. You up for that?

– RG

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