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Are You Ready for Your Breakthrough?

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting trained, mentored and coached by one of the most successful people to ever enter our profession – you’re going to love my Breakthrough U coaching program!  It’s your opportunity to get real-world mentoring from me someone who has actually been working in the business for more than 30 years, and operating at a world-class level for the last 20.
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Inspiring Others with Your Story

No one wants to hear how rich, sexy, amazing, and happy you are.  Or at least they don’t until after they heard how poor, unattractive, mediocre, and miserable you used to be. Continue reading “Inspiring Others with Your Story”

Leaders Solve Problems

BREAKING NEWS: There are going to be challenges when you build your business. People will make mistakes. Your team leaders will experiment with many approaches. Some will work great. Others not so great. Continue reading “Leaders Solve Problems”