Leaders Solve Problems

BREAKING NEWS: There are going to be challenges when you build your business. People will make mistakes. Your team leaders will experiment with many approaches. Some will work great. Others not so great. The company will have missteps along the way. That’s because there are no “perfect” companies.  Only companies that are perfect for you.

So let’s lose the notion that everything will work out perfect, flawless and harmonious.  You’re going to face issues.

The fascinating thing is how many people believe the way to demonstrate their leadership capabilities is to create laundry lists of everything that is wrong with the team system, company, or profession.

Anybody can point out problems.  If you want to lead and inspire a large team, you need to provide solutions.

Don’t send your sponsor a frantic text telling them there are four typos in the new product catalog.  Send them a PDF with the errors highlighted and the correct copy written in, so they can immediately send it to someone who can fix it.

Don’t call your sponsor to say you think the team website sucks.  Send a thoughtful email with suggestions for how to make it better.

Don’t bitch because the company doesn’t have buses running between the host hotel and the convention.  Gather some of your people, book a UBER XL and get it done.

Victims can tell you what the problems are.  Victors can tell you what the solutions are.

You can be a victim or you can be a victor, but you can’t be both.  Choose wisely.

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7 thoughts on “Leaders Solve Problems

  1. Thank you once again Randy!! Nailed it for me as Im going through this very thing., Have people complaining about bringing negative energy to my group page.
    Im posting this today!

    Thanks again,

    Lisa Young

  2. Спасибо, очень важная и полезная часть книги! Мой инсайт: нет идеальных компаний, есть идеальная для меня! Классно!

  3. Randy, I like you because your message is always basic, bold and blunt. Victim vs victor. “If you are are not the part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

    Looking forward to your book. When will it come? Any idea?

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