Never Giving Up on Yourself

Okay, your hot prospect never showed up for the presentation. That’s cute. 

Okay, someone you signed up last week decided to quit. Is the world coming to an end?

Okay, a prospect refused to watch your video.  Is that the worst thing that happened to you today?  Seriously?

Somewhere in your town today, a person just got a devastating medical diagnosis.  Someone lost a loved one in a tragic accident.  Others are facing foreclosures and bankruptcy.

You’ve had challenges. I get that. You’ll have more.  You need to get that. Learn from those challenges.  Use them as stepping-stones to become the person and leader you are meant to be.

No one dies when you get rejected, nothing tragic is going to happen.

The important thing to remember: the business will only get easier the longer you stay in it.  The people who drop out in the early stages throw away the investment they made in their future, to go back to one they already had rejected as inadequate.

Don’t let that happen to you.  Give the business a chance.  Give it the time it needs.  Because you deserve that.  And all of the people who will be helped by your business deserve that.

– RG

10 thoughts on “Never Giving Up on Yourself

  1. Thanks Randy, We all need wake up calls ?? as we will slide into safe mode at some point of time, but reality is to stay positive and it does get better !!!

  2. Yeah, Randy!!! It’s just another part of life. Nothing dire.

    Something that keeps me going is hearing about MLM’s where people get stuck with a lot of product they can’t move, or are in a company where they’ll never make real money. Products I’ve seen in MLM’s are usually decent to excellent, but compensation plans .. not so much.

    Yes, we are all on a mission.

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