The Cost of Living Your Dream

One thing you should know is that your business will never be more difficult than it is at the beginning.  The first month is the hardest. The first week is the hardest.  But often the difficulty of these earliest struggles in disguised by the initial excitement and hope we bring into the business.  As that euphoria wears off, people often assign too much emphasis to the struggles and lose sight of the long game.

Make sure you know that the beginning of your business will be the hardest.  Teach your people the same thing.  And when you face the challenges, which you most definitely will, keep them in perspective.

Okay, your hot prospect never showed up for the presentation.  That’s cute.

Okay, someone you signed up last week decided to quit.  Is the world coming to an end?

Okay, a prospect refused to watch your video.  Is that the worst thing that happened to you today?  Seriously?

Somewhere in your town today, a person just got a devastating medical diagnosis.  Someone lost a loved one in a tragic accident.  Others are facing foreclosures and bankruptcy.

You’ve had challenges.  I get that.  You’ll have more.  You need to get that.  Learn from those challenges.  Use them as stepping-stones to become the person and leader you are meant to be.  Now get back to work.

  • RG

9 thoughts on “The Cost of Living Your Dream

  1. You are wright, Randy!!!
    Sometimes we loose perspective and our “little nail pain” fills all our conscience.
    Lets focus on big dreams.
    that´s our daily exercise!!!
    Big Hug!!!

  2. It seems look like wrote for me in this moment. And… Do You want to know something? Action is the best medicine, the best “energy drink”, or the best stimulation to face the challenges….


  3. Thank you Randy, the struggles are there indeed. It’s certainly not the end of the world. Really!!!

  4. This is just absolute n Gospel truth however persistent is the key,keep keeping on buy doing the right thing,thanks RG, as dis is bound to happen.

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