Setting the Proper Culture

Let’s talk about culture. Not the opera, ballet, and tuxedo type of culture.  But the culture you must set in order to create a powerful, energized team…

We’re now in part five of our series, on the specific actions team leaders practice, which separate them from the average team member.  (If you missed the first four, find them here.)

Last post we discussed modeling the behavior, and how that is one way that you create the proper culture.

Every organization has culture.  Some are by conscious design, other simply happen because leaders refuse to lead.  Or lead in ways that are harmful instead of empowering.

There may be nothing more important you do for your people than help set the right culture for your network. 

And don’t think you can worry about it when you have 10,000 people.  You set the culture when you have three people.

If you rip off copyrighted materials or try to steal prospects, you set a culture of dishonesty in your team.  Or you can choose to do the right thing at all times and create a culture of integrity.

You can set a culture of casualness where you allow the business to happen, or you can create a culture of urgency and rank advancement.

If you start events late, plan them on the fly and end when they end, you set a certain culture.  Or you can set a culture of punctuality and professionalism.

Your lead determines whether the business is a grind, or you set a culture of fun.  In all, I believe there are eight vital areas where you set culture.  When you look for the differences between people who struggle to build, and those that actually develop an empowered team – look at how they create culture in these eight areas.

1) Integrity

2) Professionalism

3) Rank Advancement

4) Product Culture

5) Self Development

6) Event Culture

7) Leadership

8) Fun

So how are you at creating culture for your team?  Are you proactively building it, or letting it happen by default.  And which of these areas are you strong – and where do you need to get better?

– RG

9 thoughts on “Setting the Proper Culture

  1. It’s really easy to fall into ‘too busy’ and totally miss this kind of important groundwork. But like you say, the culture builds whether you’re doing it intentionally or not. Great stuff, thanks (this kind of ‘think-about-it-while-you-still-can’ stuff is why I loved your $100k book and CD set!)

  2. I truly appreciate this post. It seems simple, but it is really profound. I have learned to set to set the right culture for my team.

  3. LOVE what you write here Randy. It’s actualle pretty simple, but definatly not easy to do.

  4. This post is awesome. I have a lot of blogs in my favorites can’t believe this is my first time here. Bookmarked for sure and thanks for the awesome content Randy. I remember seeing you speaking at a convention about 14 years ago. Keep up the incredible work my friend!

  5. Excellent article Randy. I saw Bob Costas interview Michael Phelps last night and he was talking about the culture he set for the US Swim Team when they made him captain this year.

    He said he told everyone to keep any negative comment they had to themselves. Positive comments only. He said the team starting coming together in Omaha and were able to take that attitude to Rip with great results.

    I think the same thing applies to building the right culture in any business including MLM.


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