Modeling the Behavior

So you have some interesting business-building theories you want to train your team on. But that’s not going to work…

Unless you are demonstrating them with your actions.

This is part four in our series on the differences between team members and team leaders. (And the actions they take.) One of the seven actions that leaders practice is modeling the behavior they want their team to practice.(If you haven’t read the first three posts, find them here.)

Team leaders know that what they train on only works if they are reinforcing it with the actions they model for the team. Because if you train on something you’re not doing, it results in pretty PowerPoint slides and notebooks with lots of bullet points in them, but no real changes in team behavior.

Here’s a million-dollar bonus tip for you…

Want to know the most important behavior you can teach and model for your team?

Breaking ranks.

If you want to help your team become successful, the critical thing for you to do is to become successful yourself first. That’s what makes it real, and qualifies you to teach them.

It also sets the correct culture – which is what we will discuss on the next post…

– RG

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