Developing New Leaders

We’re at the lost post on our series of the seven actions that separate average team members in network marketing from team leaders. (If you missed the first six, you can find them here.) Action number seven is…

The best network marketing leaders are always developing new leaders.

This is not a buzz phrase or a cliché. What we’re talking about is a very real and very conscientious decision to take regular action that fosters leadership development in their teams.

Here’s what that looks like:

Leaders don’t make themselves indispensable. They make themselves replaceable. That means they are not the only ones who do the presentations or training. They are always involving new team members in a level commiserate to their skill level, to become part of these processes.

Leaders don’t suck all of the oxygen from the room. It’s never all about them.  They’re always happy to see their team members shine, and receive recognition and credit for things.

Leaders recognize developing talent in people – often before they know it themselves.  So they are always looking down in the group, scouting for people with drive and determination. And when they see it, they tell them.  And let them know they are capable of team leadership.  By doing this, they always have the next generation of leaders working their way up through the organization.

Remember: leadership is never about how many followers you have.  It’s about how many leaders you are developing.

So how you doing on that?

– RG

4 thoughts on “Developing New Leaders

  1. Dearest Randy Gage:

    Have a very good morning, Thanks for your teachings.
    I want to ask the following : What else do I have to do in order to develop leadership in others ? Which booksv do they have to read?

    Thank you, Nila.

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