Tap Root to Create Exponential Growth

Every top leader has chased their structure at some point.  The smart ones don’t just work with personal enrollees or worry about who is in their pay range.  The savvy ones get down in depth and “tap root” for growth.

They get in their back office and look for a spark of new activity at the bottom of a line.  Then they go down and work with that person at the bottom, knowing that it will create volume, excitement and momentum all the way up the line.

Take a look at your existing structure.  Who are the sparks down deep that you can go pour gasoline on?  There’s probably nothing more productive you can do to grow your team this week.

You up for it?


20 thoughts on “Tap Root to Create Exponential Growth

  1. Totally agree Randy! The fire starts below and travels up!
    “Work with the people who deserve your help”-Jim Rohn
    Working in depth creates wealth and longevity.
    Thanks for all you do!


  2. I have been on both sides of this. The side that I did not work in a fast moving leg and a fast moving leg that I drove deep. I have missed many opportunities not drive a leg deep or pulling out to soon. It’s amazing to me how many people get upset when you work with there team. Pride and ego will keep a lot of people broke. Great advice Randy

  3. Randy,
    In all due respect to you, there are few things I can argue about concerning your blogs. They are all tried and true MLMisms. But I pay strict attention to words that you and many of us tend to use at times in this industry. For instance, words or terms like “Chase the Business” or “Pour gasoline on” convey a sense of urgency but are extremely agressive. And I think this agressive posture is one of the reasons that turn so many off or have them leave the industry.

    As for the analogy, I like to share the insight by asking questions – “What’s the best way to boil water? With a blow torch from above or with a steady flame from beneath?” Everyone, I think will know it is next to impossible to boil water from above.

    And when you do tap root there are only two things that will happen. One is that the heat at the bottom heats up those above or not. Either way it creates volume that others immediatly above want to acquire or it passes up to you. Both great!

    So tap root all, day everyday if you have an organization of substance.

    Thanks for all of your inspiration.

      1. I believe when you have that strong vision and passion to help others you can’t help but to build this way. Others feel when it’s coming from sincerity and will be drawn.

  4. When I sponsor someone new, I don’t really consider them really in the business untill they have sponsored someone. I use a pencil when I draw out a new group I am working with. Their name is written in ink only after they have a few people under them!

  5. Randy:
    I love this blog and I agree so much!!

    We’ve been working like mad here to find
    the ones deep down who sparkle and
    teach and build with them… we’ve now
    started to build some volume so I’m
    wondering when it’ll catch the eye of
    our upline guru to entice him to visit
    us in Japan………………..

    Until then, we’ll keep on working!

    Tomoe xx

  6. Very interesting! I often see in MLM that people focus only on the people in their immediate generations, that they make money from. They barely give a second look at anyone who is “out of their range”. Sometimes they won’t say it to people’s faces but they just won’t take their phone calls, call back or answer emails. I understand that they are very busy and prioritizing but I find it sickening when they treat people in their own organization (just a few levels too deep) like air. All this while going on about how we all help each other in Network Marketing.

    I think this is short sighted and not good for their own business.

    I try to help everyone. If I can’t I at least speak with them and acknowledge what they say or write to me and refer them to the person who can help.

    Thank you for this post. It makes alot of sense. Clever people with an eye to the future will implement it.

  7. Randy, I couldn’t agree more.

    In my early days in network marketing (almost 30 years ago) I still remember being shattered when I learned that a revered upline leader had told my sponsor that he wasn’t keen to help me because he made no money off my efforts because I was too far downline. The effects of that comment stymied my progress for a long time after that (until I got mad about it!).

    It came as no surprise, some time later, when that upline leader quit the business because his income died right from under him. With that attitude, it was a pretty predictable outcome.

    Savvy leaders know that to protect their income from downline levels that DO reward them, one of the best strategies is to help ensure that those people are earning good bonuses on the volume of people downline from them, even when the upline leader earns no bonus income from the efforts of those people “out of range”.


  8. Greetings Randy,

    WITHOUT QUESTION! Tap rooting is the very thing that not only helps you but those under you, weather the person you are helping is in your direct pay line or not – BECAUSE it is IN those below you who ARE in your pay-line. If they are making an income because of your helping those below them it is….

    Keeping them fueled with success and keeps them actively building their business which of course creates BV where it is in your pay-line etc.

    The biggest mistake I have witnessed is when a so called leader misses these pieces of the puzzle.

    This business is more than just making money. When you build long term loyal relationships because you care about EVERYBODY in your business, you then are becoming the kind of leader you should be. Next step is to teach the same to those below you.

    Great Message in this blog Randy.

    Be Blessed,


  9. Awesome and true! Back in the day when my wife and I were in Amway and I worked in an auto dealer service center I had a surprised quest visit me at work. Up until then I had only seen this guy the week before at a major convention on stage introducing a Crown Ambassador. Thats right my first week I went to a major covention and I was fired up. After coming back from the convention I sponserd my fist six. This guy I later learned was local and left the airforce as a fighter pilot to do Amway full time from his house.

    Long story short this guy asked me if I had someone that he could show the business plan to the next evening about 8 pm I said I can schedule something and so I did. The next evening my wife and I meet him at my prospects address. Four things happened out of that, I learned how to show this business professionally, I learned how to take it away from someone if they show an inkling of disintrest, My group upon hearing I knew him personally got fired up and began signing new recruits like crazy and my immediate upline got jealous and started signing up and working with other people. And Steve told my wife and I outside of that residence on our way to our cars, “If you show the business 3 to 4 nights a week like this, in tywo years you will be FREE.
    WoW what Excitement just one home visit created throughout that one line of sponsorship I have never forgotten those words that Steve told us that night.

  10. A wise man once said that “fire burns uphill” or something like that.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve employed this strategy & taught this to my people that the results & payoffs have been HUGE.

    – Warren Little

  11. I agree with you Randy. Building a strong organization will lead to exponential growth. I believe that exponential growth can be attained by practicing the core values which are non-negotiable such as, credibility, honesty, integrity, selflessness, transparency, trustworthiness and sincerity among the members of an organization.

    Thank you for sending valuable tools.

  12. Jean, och skrattade åt hur barnen blivit lite större och hon jobbade.
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