Reaching Your Goals

We set a lot of goals in our business.  And miss a lot of them.  By the nature of who gets attracted to the profession, you’re probably an optimistic person.  

You probably expect the best.  See the good in others.  And think you’ll break a rank a lot sooner than you actually do.  But you know what?  Stop beating yourself up over it.

Tragedy is not a case of not reaching your goals.  Tragedy is not having a goal.


14 thoughts on “Reaching Your Goals

  1. Amen … It’s the becoming that happens on the way to those goals … take the time to really make it happen in a solid way, the hurrying just gets in your way. Thanks for all you do for our profession Randy

  2. Well, isn’t that the truth…just came to that realization myself tonite although have to admit I am not in this profession to my full extent by any stretch of the imagination. I am seeing a big picture but my response is way slow so I think I need to admit I appreciate your msgs more than anything!!. I feel that I have come to know you (not to a stalker extent of course tee hee…seriously though) over the years and really appreciate reading what you have to say. And well I just wanted to tell you perfect msg for me and perfect timing too (thank you)…this not to abuse the purpose of this networkingtimeblog for sure not! 🙂

  3. That hit me between the eyeballs. Thanks for all your great posts! But this IS my year to break rank! I’ve been where I am for too long – it’s time to move up!

  4. Thank you Randy – I just got up from bed this morning and this was the first thing I read. It made me feel good. Ready to continue working. Thank you!

    / Linda, Sweden

  5. Great reminder to all to fail, fail often, on the journey to success.

    We would never fall short if we just set very easy, low goals.

    I say, let’s fail forward!


  6. Hey Randy Gage’
    Life without any goal, any purpose when you want nothing, are meaningless and boring life.
    When we have a goal ,and purpose which we want to fulfiil it in the reality, our life
    become full of passion.
    “When you know what you want and want it bad enough,
    Motivation is what gets you started…”
    ~Jim Rohn~

  7. Tragedy in deed Randy. I believe that most people don’t set goals because they have long forgot how to Dream. And if you don’t have any dreams and desires for of how wonderful your life should and can be then what’s the use in setting, let alone reaching to accomplish a goal. Game over. My suggestion for those folks in Tragedy mode is to really think back when they were just getting out of high school as they were getting their first job. This is where people should pick up on the dream that started fading into the 40 hour workweek then.
    thank you for the post Randy,

    Keep Going
    Daniel Petrucelli

  8. That is so true. You must remind yourself that all things are possible. Pace yourself and you will reach each goal. So stop beating yourself up and celebrate each one you make.

  9. This post reminds me of the subtitle of Robert Kiyosaki’s book ” The Business School For People Who Like Helping People. The 8 Hidden Benefits of Network Marketing Other Than The Money”.

    It’s all about who one becomes along the journey of creating our dream lifestyles that’s really important.

    Keep the awesome content coming Randy my friend.

    Warren Little

  10. I believe that 1 of the 7 Critical Activities necessary in our business is celebrating every step of success.

    That’s important because behavior that’s rewarded gets repeated in most cases.

    This post encapsulates that very well.

    – Warren Little

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