Chasing After Dead People

“I See Dead People.”  Remember that movie with Bruce Willis and the kid that saw dead people?  And the shocking ending when you found out he was dead all along?  

There are lots of dead people in our business too.  And unfortunately most of them are still on someone’s candidate list.  You know why?

Because it’s safe.

You invite Darren to a presentation and he agrees to come.  Then he doesn’t show.  You call him and he tells you he meant to come, but he had to soak his comb that night.  You ask and he confirms he’ll come next event.

Next presentation you’re in the back of the room, telling your sponsor that you’re expecting Darren.  Of course he doesn’t come because he had to straighten out his stereo wires that day.

When you’re counseling with your sponsor, you certainly don’t want it to appear you’re not working.  So again you talk about the amazing potential this guy Darren has and you expect him to be joining soon.

Next event you call Darren again and he assures you this time he’ll be there.  He doesn’t make it but when you call him the next day he explains it was because his cat got diarrhea.  But you refuse to give up…

What’s really happening here?

Darren is dead.  It’s time for you to put a wreath on the coffin and move on down the road.

But it seems safer to call Darren because he never rejects you, than risk calling another prospect who might.   But you can’t sponsor dead people.  Unless you want to end up dead, you have to start approaching some new people.

Remember our goal isn’t to have a big candidate list.  It’s to get people on the list – and off the list – as quickly as possible.  Yes is okay, no is okay, maybe doesn’t do us any good.

So how you doing on this?  Are you approaching viable candidates or chasing after the same dead people week after week?


27 thoughts on “Chasing After Dead People

  1. I’ve always loved the excuse that the prospect had to soak his combs that evening! Good stuff, Randy!

    I appreciate what you’re saying to us: “Maintain a strong posture. Stop kidding yourself. Stop wasting time with someone who can’t or won’t keep a simple commitment.

    “If they can’t show up on time for an appointment, they are not qualified to do this — or any — business!” So, to heck with them!

  2. Great stuff!!

    I teach my team to sort and qualify as quickly as possible!
    Not everyone is willing to work as hard for their dreams as we are to help them achieve them!!

    See you at the top Randy!!

  3. This scenario is the most common problem in our MLM industry, The sponsor of the unfortunate new disiributor, has not taught him/her, the technique of evaluatiing the prospect’s attitude and ambitions, before mentioning their usiness opportunity.

    The next danger, is giving out too much information, to the point where the
    bewildered prospect thinks that he/she could not make a success of it.

    The upline sponsor is to blame! The old adage of “some will,some won’t,” has been discredited!

  4. I don’t call dead people. They’re the ones who call us and ask for loans or ask how we’re doing in the business…it gets better every time they call…and they still complain about how their life needs to change…yet they don’t think our business/industry is viable. Sucks for them!

    Anyone heard about the dog that moans and groans all the time? People keep complaining about their situation and never do anything about it. Sorry folks…

    “Freedom isn’t free.” – previous Randy Gage post…

  5. I’m meeting all the time these kind of people.I learned in time that you can’t work with a ” dead man”. It is a little bit frustrating , you are right , big working list is the solution.
    Thank you Randy!

  6. Yes, yes, yes!!!

    I learned a long time ago in a sales course that Yes’s are great and No’s are great. The Maybe’s are the absolute KILLERS.

    I see this all the time in my network marketing business.

    Thanks for the reminder to start putting up those tombstones!!

  7. Some of the top leaders in the company I am with said No many times before they join.
    What is the balanced?I have also read that a person needs 8 different ways of different ways of “dripping information” before they make a decision.

    1. People that keep coming to presentations and asking questions, taking packets are still in the game. The ones that always promise to come but never even look at it are not. That doesn’t mean that something won;t change in the future. But you can’t chase after the same dead people week after week.


  8. I have a new technique I’ve implimented which I call “marketing with attitude”. It goes like this: I have a person who has initiated contact with me and I follow with them one time to answer their initial questions. If I don not hear back from them in about a week I send them a message stating that either they get it or they don’t. That I will not try to “sell” anybody on joining me because doing so does neither of us any good in the long run. This is the final message you’ll be receiving from me and whether or not I hear back from you, good luck with your future.

    The surest way to kill of your own energy is to try and drag somebody across the finish line. I prefer to help those who want to help themselves cross the finish line – it’s the only way to succeed in this business.

  9. My candidate list is a little different. If you make the cut, if you are qualified and I put you on it you stay on it until you join or die. There is one other way off and if you break the rules of the law of association you are no longer qualified.

    The sorting process occurs before you put them on the candidate list. There is a suspect list that passes them to the prospect list. They stay on the prospect list until they are eligible for the candidate list or they reveal themselves as only suspects and I return them to the pond. [Catch and release] Another name for my candidate list is my warm market. I sort through 20-40 suspects every day and find around a dozen new prospects each week that as we engage in conversation their actions place them on the candidate list and they stay on the candidate list until they participate.

    I once was in a program where one of my promises was to bring a specific number of guests to each week’s events. The promise was a stretch that kept the skill of inviting a skill to practice every day. After awhile I had a number of guests that always agreed to accompany me that did not ever enroll. I increased my promise for the number of guests accordingly. One of my guests over an 18 month period attended over two dozen guest events. His history of attendance, his willingness to be there actually allowed a number of people to enroll and then one day so did he. Over the next six months he brought dozens of quests who almost always enrolled their first event. It was fun, awesome and demonstrated to me to never quit on someone you put on your candidate list.

    1. Very well put Michael.

      I agree with you that we’ve got to be selective as to who we even think about approaching.

      The business IS right for ANYONE but not EVERYONE is right for the business.

  10. Hey Randy Gage

    There is a saying lik this,yoy never can energize a dead “horse”, no matter how much you prod it.Some tine we have to know when it is time to let go.
    When someone will come to his timming in dicide to join to your oprtunity,
    than he will overcome all his obstacles, like the diarrhea of his cat, that prevent him to arrive, and others things like this.

  11. -RG,

    My problem was Zombies “the living dead” I would attend networking events seeing the same people over and over. They all had their thing going on and were not interested in something else. The same goes for me too.

    I quit going to most of them finding new venues is tough but it’s better that getting my brain eaten by Zombies!


  12. Randy,

    You know we’ve always talked about getting a no or yes as quick as possible & on to the next one.

    Most people new to our business fail to understand the sifting & sorting process.

    Or as we say ‘we’re looking for people who are looking”.


  13. Randy,

    You know we’ve always talked about getting a no or yes as quick as possible & on to the next one.

    Most people new to our business fail to understand the sifting & sorting process.

    Or as we say ‘we’re looking for people who are looking”.


  14. Next means Next. Don’t even try to revive the dead. They’re dead. Only people with heart beats and a pulse can participate in Network Marketing. There are people waiting for you to show them your plan….and you’re wasting time with dead people. Stop hanging out in the cemetery. You need pulses. Take your towns population, divide it by 3650 days (10 years worth of interviewing every day) and that’s how many LIVING people you have to prospect. There are many more in the cemetery. Now stop being scared to pick up the phone and go to work. My mentor taught me a long time ago, you’re shucking oysters here looking for pearls. Open the oyster, NO PEARL?? Next. Open another oyster…and another till you find the pearl. Don’t close the oyster back up and stick it between your hands real hard praying for a pearl to grow. It won’t happen…..NEXT the dead people. Don’t call them. Forget them…as they will drag you to the place where they live…and you know where that is…the cemetery!

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