Securing a Line, Part 4

So far over the last three posts we’ve looked at the roles you play in securing lines.  Now let’s explore how to lock things up into true passive income…

Ultimately you want the head of each of your lines to evolve into a top-level pin rank themselves.  At this point, counseling may or may not be necessary any longer.  You then evolve into more of a motivating presence for the line.  You’re the living example of someone who’s made it, and simply being who and where you are motivates people in the organization.

You will probably be the guest speaker once or twice each year at the cross-line meetings in their area, and you may appear as a guest of honor at the Leadership Conference conducted by that pin rank distributor.

You should always be supporting the line in one of these capacities.  You will move from counseling into motivating after the line is secure.

When we say that a line is secure, we mean that you have true walk-away income.  If you were to stop working that line – it would continue to develop.  This only happens when you have enough core leaders in that line.

By core leaders, we mean people who are completely self-motivated and practice the Core Qualities such as:

·    Make regular presentations
·    Develop a customer base
·    Use all the products
·    Practice daily self-development time
·    Attend everything

·    Are teachable
·    Edify the sponsorship line
·    Are accountable
·    Follow the system

The reason that most people fail in networking is that they fail to identify and work with leaders.

They are concerned with the number of people in their group or what their volume is, and they fail to key in on leaders.  They are only working their pay levels, or, in many cases, their first levels.  To succeed in networking, you must identify and work with your leaders, regardless of what level they are on.  This is the only true method to secure lines.

Much of the time when you are building depth, you will be working out of your pay range.  Don’t be concerned with that.  You are building your future security.

Once a line is secure, you begin working more in an inspirational and motivational capacity.  You then have the option to stop working and reap your residual income – or open new lines to expand your income.

Don’t be deceived by high volumes, or the number of distributors in a line.  High volumes are easily generated by super sales types who are not able to duplicate and will eventually die off.  This same type of salesperson can often sell a large number of people into a program who have no intent to build a business.  They basically got involved because they didn’t know how to say no.  These names may look good on your printout, but they will never duplicate.  The only true barometer of a line’s strength is the number of leaders in it who are following the system.

As you work with new distributors, invest time in them early on to see if you have a builder.  Look for the Core Qualities.  When you find someone who is willing to “Go Core,” and they want to work a two- to four-year plan – then edify the sponsorship line and plug them into the system.

Your goal should be to build your people up to at least a $5,000 a year income as quickly as possible.  This $5,000 a year is what I consider the point past break even for most distributorships.  They’ll need that much to buy their marketing materials, finance their self-development program and attend the functions.  Once you can get them to this level, It doesn’t cost them anything to work the business, and anything they do from that point on will put them into profit.  The secret is keeping people in the system for two years.  Once they are in for this long – they know too much to ever go back.

Most importantly, they can afford to attend the functions and practice their self-development programs.  Believe it or not, this is the most important part of the building-depth process.  You don’t sponsor pin rank distributors, you grow them.

People must attend the functions so they can associate with positive, successful people.  To hear about them or listen to them on CDs is not enough – they need to meet them.  Attending the functions and meeting the leaders builds their belief level in themselves, the company, the products or services, and the profession.  Obviously, they need the skills training that the events provide, but the belief they develop is even more important.

Likewise, for the self-development program…

Here’s the reality.  Most of the people you sponsor into the business will have a low level of belief in themselves and their spouses.  They will be in debt, anxious about the future, and have a very negative view of the world.  Their entire life has been spent among the dream-stealers – people who tell them how bad they are, how tough it is, and why they can’t succeed.  They must have counter programming against this message, and that’s what the daily self-development does.

Your self-development program teaches your people that they can seek more; it’s okay to be healthy, happy and prosperous; and that they really can live their dreams.  This is a radical, mind-boggling concept for most people – one that they will need constant, positive reinforcement on before they will be able to accept it.  And once they accept this – they will still need constant, positive reinforcement to counteract the steady barrage of negativity our society exposes them to.  The functions and self-development programs promote belief and keep people motivated.  The pipeline process gives them the step-by-step system to follow in order to manifest their beliefs into reality.

Once you get your people locked in with these, their income continues to grow.  And eventually they’ll be earning more money with you than they have ever earned anywhere else.  Congratulations, you now have a secure line!

So how you doing on this?


17 thoughts on “Securing a Line, Part 4

  1. Hello Randy,
    The MLM/ Direct Sales Profession are leadership development programs.
    You are Business Owner, General Manager, Coach, Trainer, and Mentor.
    Much continued success to all Leaders 2010 and beyond.

  2. Greetings Randy,

    One can not say more than what you have already said above.

    The challenge for everyone when they are starting out it to work on their self talk.

    How they feel about their-self and how they will work, to work on becoming the person they can become.

    Keep in mind folks…. They do not teach you the mindset you need to have in schools or colleges.

    Self teaching with application will FAR out perform a college degree.

    Find a true coach and mentor for the right reasons and follow until you are walking beside them.

    Now go do the same with those in your group.

    That is how your business will grow away from you and your success will follow.

    Be Blessed,


  3. Much respect due to you RG! I just want to say Thank You very much for being a great Teacher as well as a motivator, They say that SUCCESS leaves clues and you have proven that AGAIN and AGAIN and for that we say BIG UPS!

  4. Great series of posts a topic that is so critical that you definitely nailed it. Unfortunately in the internet world of our industry is something that is never ever talked about and why is it those who build solely on the internet continue to have to rebuild over and over again and wonder why it is because they have not read this post and put it into practice. Well done!!! Success definitely leaves clues.

    1. Hi Koko,

      I have purchased many of Randy’s materials from this site Start with Duplication Nation: How to Build a Massive Network Marketing / Direct Selling Organization. Many of my own team members have benefited more from those CD’s than any other training program out there.

      Dare to be GREAT!

  5. Wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    “Their entire life has been spent among the dream-stealers – people who tell them how bad they are, how tough it is, and why they can’t succeed.” – Exactly what I heard yesterday from my dear uncle. He keeps telling me MLM doesn’t work and a woman like me should go for a marriage, not a business, blah blah… I was born in a strictly traditional Asian family where sex discrimination still exists and women are NOT encouraged to have their own businesses. Sounds weird to you guys, westerners, huh? To be honest, it’s been hard for me to confront my family. However I am a stubborn woman who strongly believe “I can and I will”. I believe MLM is a place for ladies to stand up.

    Obviously I haven’t got walk-away income yet. Now I kind of start from scratch after a series of mistakes :P, so I should apply 4 basics skills from Securing a line, Part 1 first. Millions thanks to Randy. I’m learning from you day by day and I’m working to make my dream come true 🙂


  6. I have a lot of programs from top leaders in NM. And to be honest I was not sure you were the right coach for me. But most of them teach the small business model and I was tired of it. I did not join this business to become a salesperson. I signed so I could have a fantastic life.

    So I must admit that I have cleared my desk with the other “gurus” CDs and DVDs. I have to say it – You are probably the best coach in the business, now what counts is your book “how to build…. ” and the rockstar program. I built a system that is based on what I have learned from you. And in the last 2 months a lot of things have happend. My business is now growing like crazy. Thanks a lot Randy

  7. Hey Randy Gage,

    There are five principeles , everyone who implements them will not be infected by those dream-stealers – people who tell them how bad they are, and get the succuss and prosperity in their life and business.
    1.Enjoy in what you are do’ and in your life.

    2.Dare To Be Great, when you are think and plan think in great.
    “If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.”Donald Trump~

    3.Believe in yourselfe, have self confidence.

    4.Study, learn from the greats and successfuls people.

    5.Be persistent,ceaseless.

  8. Love it! This post is a keeper (they ALL are, but this one hits home for me)! Wish you had a ‘print this’ button! Thanks Randy!!!


  9. Wow, thanks Randy. Powerful words and insight on securing your lines. Will use these concepts with my team.

  10. Well done… Thank you.

    You have given out all your ‘secrets’…. I wonder how many ‘leaders’ out there actually follow these steps….? I did a survey once and many still prefer to take the “Selling & Cnvincing” approach.

  11. Randy,

    The progression you’ve laid out for working our way out of our enrollees lives . . or better yet changing our role in their lives is right on point.

    I remember when you taught these to me years ago.

    They’ve been one of the main reasons I’ve enjoyed extraordinary levels of success in our business.

    Thanks for all you are & all you do.


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