Securing a Line, Part 3

Okay if the first post of the series we looked at what you must train your new team members on. Then last post we explored how to train them to train others. Now we get to the fun part…

Leadership development.

And this is done with monthly counseling.  Now, you are out of the day-to-day building, but you play a much more important role – counseling with the enrollee on a monthly basis. This is when you do your most important work, because you’re counseling them how to become a leader.  It is also the stage when exponential growth in the line should begin.

Counseling is a process where you speak one-on-one with the leader each month, and evaluate all the important business statistics.  Some of the most important ones include:
•    Number of distributors in the group
•    Average volume
•    Number attending the major events
•    Rank advancements
•    Lines with a leader
•    Total number of leaders in the group.

Counseling is how you mentor your people into leadership.  This is where they will learn which people they should be working with, and the people skills they will need to do this.  Now this is a very complex process, so I won’t try and do it justice in a blog post.  Be sure to read that chapter in my “How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine book, or review that disc in my “Duplication Nation” training album.  In the album you’ll find an entire session dedicated to the topic of counseling, and also a template counseling form you can use with your potential leaders.

Counseling is what makes everything else work.  It allows you to track the important business variables and take corrective action before mistakes get too far down the group.

Are you counseling with someone in your sponsorship line?  Are you providing counseling to your own people?  Please check in below, and next post we’ll discuss the last element of securing a line.


7 thoughts on “Securing a Line, Part 3

  1. Wow! What a great post today Randy! I remember reading about this in your “How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine” book and then thinking ‘wow’! While it makes so total sense, sometimes I just ‘forget’ and let things ‘slip’. Thanks for the tap on the head buddy! : )

  2. Hey Randy Gage,

    Unfotunately i didn;t read your” How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine book, or heard the disc in my “Duplication Nation training.
    I read the materials of, http:// www. Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring. in the first article:
    “Understanding The Source Of Personal Attraction”, he explain about the way’ how can a person acquire the abilities and the traits of the leadership, and be able to be a leader.,to give value and qualify others to duplicate him as a leader

  3. When your Network is smaller no problem to you to be a Super hero, to be the Supermand that do everything…but if you want to begin to grow and move to great leagues you need to make leaders in your teams, is the only way to explode your business

    Take out your Ego and help them to Grow!

  4. Randy,

    Thanks for great posts that you’ve delivered so far. Unfortunately my sponsor is just a newbie in MLM so he’s never given me a monthly counseling. I know this is not his fault since his sponsor is also new in this industry, so are many other nearest uplines! To be honest, many times I was in victim-hood of blaming others. I wished I was sponsored by an experienced MLM professional so that I could duplicate well down to my team. Fortunately I learned how to get rid of that victim-hood and started standing on my own foots. Building quite a big team and then losing them, mostly because of miss-counseling, was bittersweet experiences, though.

    Today is not a good day for me, back home and facing a lot of criticisms from my family. Your post just comes in time. Thanks god, Randy Gage is here to give me invaluable advices. I know I’m not alone… That’s you keep my chin up, Randy. I refuse to loose, yeah!


  5. Randy, many of us are learning, from advice just as yours, and working to implement every step without the assistance of an active Leader. Just wanted to share my appreciation.

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