Helping Broke People

What we do in this business is help broke people.  But here’s something you may not realize…

Some of them may be money broke.  But many others are time broke.  In either case, they really need your help.  So make sure you’re prospecting accordingly.


17 thoughts on “Helping Broke People

  1. Thank you, Randy. They have to sincerely know (see) it and then require and request (our) assistance first. Then, we can help them as they so choose. We can open our hand to help and if they take it, bravo. If not, next! Have a great day!

  2. Most peoples checks are gone before their boss even gives it to them. And their time is gone before they can even enjoy it with their family. But some people have figured out a way to keep all their money and fire their boss, so they can get all of their time back to spend with their family and friends.

  3. Hi Randy,

    thank you for the great article! I’m fairly new to your column so I’m going to ask a silly question. Can you give an example of how we can help some one who’s money broke vs someone who’s time broke?

    1. Here’s an example . . .

      The opportunity to create financial freedom the the vehicle of network marketing appeals to both categories & here’s why.

      Many high income earners that trade time for dollars have NO time freedom.

      When done right…over time, our business is the quickest & only way for most people to create the leverage that produces TRUE walk away , ever increasing , residual income.

      This then gives people both the TIME & MONEY freedom necessary to truly live the abundant lifestyle we’re created to experience.

      Hope this helps.

      Warren Little

  4. Everyone has 24 hours every day to do with as they please. If that is not so for you then you are a slave. Setting aside the time to read 10 pages of a book like Think and Grow Rich, your prosperity series and others similar is 3650 pages or 10-24 books a year. Spending the same time on gossip magazines, newspapers, and fiction or worse mesmerized by the boob tube or surfing aimlessly on the net is just as easy. The affects of the two divergent courses are clear. Discovering what you may do to have your heart’s desire or remain poor in every way possible.

  5. Randy, don’t know about sponsoring broke people. Usually when I sponsor broke people they need NOW money and our business is more of a long term vehicle. I personally prefer to sponsor people with sales backgrounds, or people who have owned their own businesses.

  6. Hey Randy,

    There is a saying like this for this situation, and how to solve it,
    When will give to the hungry fishes to his meal, he will be saciedad for one time when will teach him to fish to himself/itself fish, he will be saciedad for all the times.

  7. Thank you Randy to “awaike us”, can arrives to each of us!
    Why? That is the question!!! For ONLY that ? all my thanks. Take care of you Mr.Gage.

  8. You can never help someone unless they want you to help them. I always try to look on talking to people as me”doing them a favour” sp to speak. I am merely introducing them to an opportunity and if they are open to the idea then I can dig deeper to find out what in particular they want from what I have to offer.


  9. Two great points, Randy. Sometimes we forget that in order to really talk to people we have to LISTEN to them and find out exactly where they are, and how we can best help them.

  10. I’ve helped people that are broke and watched them soar like a eagle. I’ve also
    helped people that are broke and watched them stay broke. I’ve learned that
    listening to them and what their goals are helps. Are they Coachable? Are they wanting to learn and grow? Are they looking for one more mlm to do for a brief period of time and then flitter off to the next ? And then wonder why they don’t succeed…..
    Time broke people …….have to think this one out. I think it has to do with management skills. Are they really so busy they don’t have time ? We make
    time for the things we have a passion for. Are there reasons they can’t fit anything else on their plate?

    You my friend are brilliant !!! Gives me something ponder. YOU ROCK RG !!

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