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Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog.  Just hope you don’t think this is building your business.  It’s not…

Neither is surfing the net for five hours a night posting on Facebook, tweeting people and getting into chat rooms.  Or refreshing your back office to see if anyone new joined your group.  Or calling up people on your team telling them how fired up you are…

We build the business when we produce volume.  And we produce volume by getting prospects in front of presentations and turning them into team members or customers.  So REALLY building the business is about inviting, presentations and follow up.  So what did you do for your business so far this week?


12 thoughts on “Doing the Business

  1. Randy, right on! We started the week off on the right foot. Today picked up a new customer and followed through with a prospect who started as an Associate on autoship! One of my leaders also checked in and confirmed a meeting for Thursday night with his Loan officer. Preparing for our team conference call. Thanks!

  2. Randy, thanks for keeping it simple and real.

    Prospect, presenting, following up and bring on new members on a consistent basis is the name of the game.

  3. This is a great post! As Richard Bliss Brooke said, “People need to have a paradigm shift.” That is, people need to start looking at Network Marketing as a viable way to gain wealth. I’d love to get involved in Real Estate and Equities. But if I don’t succeed in Network Marketing first, those things will never happen. I commend your unwavering dedication, teaching, and ameliorating of the Industry. Keep up the great work and lets take this thing to the Moon!!!

  4. Ah yes, productivity vs activity. At the end of the day I check in with myself to see how many presentations I did and put the number on my gauge sheet.. The gauge sheet only has enough space to write a number – no room for a story of excuses. It’s a great way to keep me on track. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  5. WOW! I’m a supposed leader in my company & team! I’m not doing what your saying we need to do? It’s time I stepped up to the plate & followed the direction of Randy Gage instead of just reading his books & telling others how great he is? Thank you Randy Gage, I will and do grow because of you and what you do.

  6. -RG,

    Yep, It’s getting out there and meeting the folks.

    Daily I get email ads that are promoting to “make you rich” with MLM on-line.

    I know it’s BS but it is enticing to see what they have to offer. I know you have to face to face to build a real business.

    Have you had any experience with the on-line “systems” that they are hawking?


  7. Thanks Randy, for the kick in the Butt. It’s very easy to fall into the rut of “busy work” and think you are growing your business,

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