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Your Unconditional Commitment

How committed are you to your team?  Is your commitment unconditional? Continue reading “Your Unconditional Commitment”

Building with Your Calendar

Want to know the secret weapon of all successful business builders?  Their calendar. Continue reading “Building with Your Calendar”

The Difference Between Managers and Leaders

People ask me all the time how to manage their people.  I tell them that you can’t manage people.  You lead people and you manage things.   Continue reading “The Difference Between Managers and Leaders”

Are You a Crusader?

Want to really help your people, keep them around, and allow them to help many others?  Be a crusader! Continue reading “Are You a Crusader?”

Setting Standards

Most everybody sets standards for themselves.  And I bet 99 percent of the time they’re too low.  I can tell you that I set very high standards for myself in many areas.  And truth is, they’re too low. Continue reading “Setting Standards”

The Seeds of Opportunity

As a student of personal growth, you know that every challenge has in it the seeds of an equal or greater opportunity.  But here’s the catch… Continue reading “The Seeds of Opportunity”

Try or Do

Starting things is easy, isn’t it?  And lots of people start our business.  The hard part is finishing.   Continue reading “Try or Do”

Fight for Your Dream

Okay we know we have the opportunity for free cars, trips, big bonus checks, work from home, no traffic jams, office politics or cubicles.  But it isn’t easy. Continue reading “Fight for Your Dream”

Meeting the Best Prospects

So I was writing my other blog on about meeting people of higher consciousness.  This grew out of a discussion on Jim Rohn’s quote that your income will be the average income of the five people closest to you.  This sure has a lot of lessons in our business. Continue reading “Meeting the Best Prospects”

The MLM Creed

I believe in creeds.  They quantify things and give us a guideline for our actions.  And our business is no exception.  Here are my thoughts on a creed for Network Marketing.   Continue reading “The MLM Creed”

Humble Arrogance

So what does it take to break through in our business?  I think it’s a dual mindset. Continue reading “Humble Arrogance”

Stop Looking for Easy!

What an amazing response to the “All You Got” post. Almost 100 Re-Tweets and more than 400 Facebook shares as I write this and still going.  I appreciate you guys spreading the word on that.  It’s important.   Continue reading “Stop Looking for Easy!”

What It Takes to Make It

People often ask what it takes to be successful in Network Marketing.  I have a short, simple answer… Continue reading “What It Takes to Make It”

Growing Your Network

You don’t grow your network. You grow your people – and they grow the network. Continue reading “Growing Your Network”