Stop Looking for Easy!

What an amazing response to the “All You Got” post. Almost 100 Re-Tweets and more than 400 Facebook shares as I write this and still going.  I appreciate you guys spreading the word on that.  It’s important.  

Yes the personal growth we have to do in our business can be difficult.  But that is what makes it all worth it.  It’s about who you become.

The other thing I was trying to accomplish is changing some of the culture in our business.  There is so much crap in the space about building without meetings, never leaving home, people claiming to “build your downline for you” and other nonsense.

There’s a reason they call it a La-Z-Boy…

And lazy doesn’t get it done in our business.  We need to let our people know to stop looking for an easier way.  To paraphrase something Jim Rohn frequently said, “Don’t ask for it to be easier, ask to get better.”

So how are you doing on that?  What will you do today to get better?


21 thoughts on “Stop Looking for Easy!

  1. Well Randy
    That may be a million dollar question.

    With the internet and everyone out there looking to be in front of the wave. There are a lot of programs out there ( attraction marketing) I’m not convinced that they are doing anything for the network marketer except giving them something to distract them from what really builds this business Relationships. It may give them a way to make a little extra money so they feel like it’s working. But I see some really BAD stuff going on out there now.

    But then again we are old school but is old school new school. Is there a way to do both. I see many options out there to connect with people we normally could not.

    One of the biggest problems I see is the buy nothing, sponsor no one, no selling, we build it for you. I even watch a video from a new MLM and the CEO was saying that.. You know it’s getting bad when the CEO’s are trying to sale that crap.

    I’m looking forward to reading everyones reply

    1. Your comment, Vincent, struck a nerve with me. In my several months of reading these e-mails, yours hit the nail on the head! It’s PEOPLE who make a business happen. It’s PEOPLE who make residual income a reality. And these PEOPLE who are out there need to work with other PEOPLE to make things happen. Maybe I’m old school on motivating and developing my down line, but I’ll take a handfull of dedicated, hardworking recruits everytime over a hundred of internet maybes that I’ll never meet.

      If you can, contact me Vincent. I’ve got several things I’d like to discuss. Thanks for your imput.

      Dick Beglinger

  2. Randy, that’s one of the things that keeps me going with Network Marketing. Almost every single thing you have to do to be successful in this business resonates with some aspect of personal development and evolution. There’s no easy way to success in it, but the rewards for doing it right are not only financial but personal as well.

  3. Randy as we probably both agree . .If you only do what’s easy, life will be hard but if you’re willing to do what’s hard then life will be easy ”

    Guess that’s we always want to know a person’s “why” in this business.

    If it’s big enough, they’ll execute the right “money actions” consistently to experience the results that are possible in our business.

    Keep the awesome content coming.

    – Warren Little

  4. I have worked in four years of networker with the two schools, and I also learned that what they call the new school does not work, can serve temporarily, but does not build a network, weakens and removes a lot of time and energy. Now I am a promoter of all your ideas Randy and I travel the world in Spanish duplication. Our business is built on the door of your house out.

  5. Randy,

    Gonna built this harder and get better. Despite whatever challenges around, what we do, it is so, so, so much more worth it and trully makes us better.

    Dream it, Do it, Live it. Belief it

    TQ rockstar.

  6. Build online or offline, is both hard work, learn new skills.

    Can You do both? Why not? We communicate, build relationships different today, than we did 5 years ago, and say 10 years ago?

    The way we communicate evolves, therefor will NM also evolve and adapt into other ways to build relationships.

    What is right? What is wrong? That’s WE, the people behind, who do it right OR wrong, not the way we “market” or where we “market.

  7. I read everyday to build up me. I listen to CD’s in my car, to build up me. And then I go out and spread my thoughts, words, good intentions, and business with everyone – just not always in the same methods.

    I am daily working on me, getting better and better, so that I ‘ooze’ what is so real and great of this industry. One of the best compliments I’ve rec’d is someone telling me that they appreciated me listening, and that I really seem to understand; and that I can help them re-think a negative thought.

    Daily living incorporating your business values & culture. I’m working on my first million and I want others to join me on this journey – it’s a fun ride! : )

  8. Good one Randy…

    I think we need to change the wording a little: Net Work Marketing!!!

    I work with the people that want to WORK! Not people that want to win the lottery!

    Prospect…Present…Train…that’s it!

    Thanks for the great input everyone. I always learn something here!


  9. I’ve been exposed to the internet fast track no calling prospects/relationships success to networkmarketing. Giving that i was in the technology industry it was very appearling, but from the school of hard knocks learned that an organization cannot stick together or sustain itself with shortcut methods. Relatinoships and heart felt friendship is the key to a loyal organization who knows you care.


  10. More self development.

    Tomorrow I am beginning a “Butterfly Effect” workshop led by Yair Bar Lev.

    I am also going to go to more face to face meetings to accelerate my business!

  11. I love how network marketing has required me to face my fears and bust through barriers. Not many “jobs” require you to do the personal development — but what a win-win to make money while working on yourself. And then be able to share it with others. I’m excited about my business! And this posting was another reminder of WHY — thanks for the thought-provoking article, Randy!

    Nicole at My Life Compass:

  12. I am new to the whole Network Marketing business. I feel that personal growth is the first step on the road to success. If you do not believe in yourself, how can anyone else believe in you. Personal Growth is all important and I am begining to see why. Thanks for the info Randy keep it coming

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