Meeting the Best Prospects

So I was writing my other blog on about meeting people of higher consciousness.  This grew out of a discussion on Jim Rohn’s quote that your income will be the average income of the five people closest to you.  This sure has a lot of lessons in our business.

Want to meet the best prospects for your business?  It’s simple.  Meet the best people.

Good people do good things.  Great people do great things.  It’s worth reading the other blog and doing some critical thinking about the environments you put yourself in.

And please don’t get me wrong…

I’m not one of those people that suggest you join a church so you can find prospects.  That’s just smarmy.  What I’m suggesting is that if you go out, live life and put yourself in the right environments, you’ll meet positive people.  And as those relationships develop, you’ll find the occasion to help some of them by offering them a chance to look at your opportunity.

So how you doing on that?


14 thoughts on “Meeting the Best Prospects

  1. I read Jim Rohn’s quote quite a few years ago. Thank you for the reminder. I have to go out and meet and become close to a lot of great people and do a lot of great things yet in a different environment than I am in right now, to change my income. Randy, I consider you a close friend as I read your blog all the time. Okay, now for at least 4 others! I am game. Have a wonderfully Healthy Day.

  2. Hey Randy.

    There is a saying like this: show me your friends and i will show you your future.
    about the 5 people, there is a good article in the blog of Stive Little-” Beware from the five” . everyone hase about five persons who is vmost close to him, and influence him very much,sometimes this influence
    is not in the itention to encourage him to get succes in his business and life.

  3. well its a big problem in my country to find positive prospects because of our negative environment.
    It needs skills to make people positive then see them as prospects.
    But I can do it because I believe in my work.
    thanks Randy.

  4. It can be difficult, seeing that my spouse is a very negative person, but I choose to be light, bubbly, outgoing and positive. Where I can make choices, I choose to be around, and share time with, people of like-mindedness. To be successful, and share my good vibes to help others, I put myself in the right circles. Since living with the mate I have (he’s a good guy; solid person, just opposite when it comes to outlook, and meaning of success), I crave to be re- ignited by others. Only then, once I have my ‘spark’ back, I can return the flame to someone else!

  5. At the moment your mention of meeting people at church is very apropos. Today I was invited to a church service (my church) at the summer cottage of a family who lives in Falmouth Forside. (a very rich suburb of Portland, Maine), This was just their summer cottage. It is several acres of large buildings, lovely landscaping and a small church. I just got finished writing a letter to our minister thanking him for the opportunity to go there. And telling him that the location was so rich that I was actually very uncomfortable. Nope, I mentioned NOTHING about my business. I was not asked, and I didn’t volunteer.

  6. The five friends you hang around with are not a condition of life, they’re a decision you’ve made in your life.

    To be more you’ve got to hang around people who have, do, and want more out of life. It took me years to understand this.

    Now I have not disowned my friends completely, I’ve made a decision to associate with those who want more out of life and are where I desire to be. Improve my circle of influence.

    I had an old friend mention this just the other day, that I had changed so much since we all used to hang out. And I said “Absolutely”

  7. Another well stated time tested principle of success & BTW:) love the way you’re redirecting traffic to the other blog.

    Great internet marketing strategy .

    I do the same thing with a couple of my blogs.

    The strategy you’re using helped mine go Google PR2 in a few months.

    Keep it coming my S. Fla friend.

    – Warren Little

  8. Jim Rohn always spoke of personal improvement, so an important factor for attacting quality people is for you to be a quality person! Also, if each relationship is first weighed out in terms of how they might be of persoal benefit, it won’t work and besides what a very shallow way to live

  9. Gracias!!!!!!!!!!!! todos tus consejos relamente son bienvenidos…. tienes razon si quiero ser mejor debo conocer personas mejores que yo!!!!
    saludos Sofia…

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