Fight for Your Dream

Okay we know we have the opportunity for free cars, trips, big bonus checks, work from home, no traffic jams, office politics or cubicles.  But it isn’t easy.

It is simple, but it isn’t easy…

You have to be willing to fight for your dream.  Because there will always be lots of people trying to steal it from you.  So two thoughts on this…

Number one: keep your dream in front of you.  Know what it is.  Have a prosperity manifestation map in your bedroom.  Spend daily self-development time each morning.  Attend all the events.

Number two: go to work.  Hard.  Especially early on.  You know I always talk about the difference between grinders and rock stars.  But here’s what else you should know:

When you first begin, you need to hit it hard and get some traction.  This takes a grinder schedule, but duplication behavior.  Read that last sentence again.

Every MLM Rock Star worked hard when they started out.  They made a conscious choice to be out of balance for a while, until the foundation was built.  And you have to do the same.

Are you up for it?


16 thoughts on “Fight for Your Dream

  1. Randy,

    Excellent post. Not only should we fight for our dreams, we need to upheld it and keep it close to us. Close out from dreamstealers, focus on our vision and head to our mission.

    We make the first step, no matter how small it can be, but the importance is keeping ourselves on line and on toe towards our goal. Daily self development is so so important and keep looking at our prosperity manifestation map. Our prosperity mindset grows from there.

  2. You’re absolutely right Randy.

    We talk about “getting white hot for a season” to get the traction you mentioned in the post.

    The truth is lots of people quit before the miracle happens & then say that our industry doesn’t work.

    Well of course this is a lie perpetuated by losers with a victim mentality & a something for nothing mentality.

    You 5 Nights A Week post clearly explains what someone with a big “why” HAS to do to generate the walk away residual income we create by SIMPLY doing the right money actions consistently.

    – Warren Little

  3. The great thing about what you just said. Is that you can have a new beginning. It’s harder because it’s not new so now it’s a chose to become new again.

    You can start today to put your mindset in the right place and become a Grinder.

    Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

    Starting today I Am A Grinder.


  4. Absolutely! yes, we need to fight for our dreams. Randy, thanks for your generosity in sharing, teaching and training. They are so precious and am excited to seriously launch out in the MLM business instead of being a permanent consumer. Many thanks

  5. I like this post. Could you go further into what a “grinder schedule” is? Also, what does out of balance look like? I have been in awhile, but find myself back at the beginning stages with finding all new people to recreate a base to work from. I don’t think I did this properly the first time around, so I would like to know what it looks like to do it right this time.

  6. Oh yeah, Randy. I fell and got up. I build capacity over a year. When you come to us in Kazakhstan, I’ll tell you more about how I’m fighting for my dream. See you!

  7. Warriors we must be because there are too many dream stealers lurking in the allies (and everywhere) who love to drag you down with their hopeless cause called, POVERTY!

    I know I sound dramatic, but they outnumber us and so your blogs, books, audio, and the rest of the Dreamers here help me stay on track. I have been working on a “one pointed intention” and that is prosperity in my life.

    Action leads to BIG Payday.
    Thank you.

  8. Hey Randy Gage,
    I am agree,”fight for your dream”, and take an action and commitmet
    to yourself to make your dream come true,someday,sometime,it will happen,
    like the saying:
    “the moment one commits oneself, then providence moves too. All
    sorts of things occur to help that never otherwise would have occurred…'”
    – Goethe

  9. Thanks for this Randy! I have just hit a major bump in my business, and I am pretty much starting from scratch…And I am actually excited! I get to start over and fix the mistakes I made the first time! I am a SUPERSTAR!

    As always, you’re awesome! <3

  10. Plus, victory is sweeter when you sweated for it. Fight the urge to play game on facebook and surf endlessly. Stay focused on your dream — give yourself daily steps to manifest it like Randy said with the prosperity map. Brilliant!!

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