Try or Do

Starting things is easy, isn’t it?  And lots of people start our business.  The hard part is finishing.  

Those that finish are the people with vision.  Their dreams are greater than their fears.  The rest “try it.”

Please know this…

Every time you say you will try something, you‘re building in an excuse to fail.  People that finish don’t say they will try things; they say they will do things.

So which one are you?


25 thoughts on “Try or Do

  1. It’s been this mindset that allowed me to break out of the rat race & REPLACE a strong 6-figure income to go full-time in network marketing in 9 months.

    When I started with the end in mind , success was my only option.

    It simply became a matter of consistently engaging in the activities that produce massive predictable success.

    Of course as you already know . . .it’s been great to help 100’s of other folks achieve their dreams along this journey.

    Great post.

    – Warren Little

    Great post.

  2. Good one Randy!

    I like to think that I am a doer…since I am still doing it!

    It has been said about this industry that the only people who “fail” are the ones who quit. Only quitters see quitting as an “opportunity”.

    Best regards,

  3. It’s the commitment that makes the difference. The more you cheat on your commitment or alow yourself to not finnish the easyer it will be to not stay commited the next time.

    Winning becomes a habit.

    So does loosing and quitting


  4. Being in business for yourself is not just a condition but a decision you make. Make it happen and it will happen. Stop waiting for the right time or the right circumstances. There will never be any until you go out and make it happen.

    Be A Doer…..Take the ball and run FAST with it, like Forest Gump did. He didn’t stop he kept going. He just kept running!

  5. Randy!
    That reminds me of something my daddy taught me. “There is no Can’t. There is only I Will Not or I Don’t Know How. So if you don’t know how, go learn it. And if you “Will Not”, then no complaining!”

  6. Oh, and I LOVE that you used that phrase – from a movie – that was suppose to be a “failure” and all the other studios passed on it – thought it was a gamble and doomed for dust. Until 20th Century Fox decided to take a risk. Pretty profitable risk, wouldn’t you say??

  7. I totally agree!!!

    Watch your language too to see how you are telling people about your business — are you saying “I’m trying this MLM business” or are you saying “I am building a strong business in ___ sales.” Watch how you talk about it, so you can be doing it and not just testing it out.

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