Your Unconditional Commitment

How committed are you to your team?  Is your commitment unconditional?

It needs to be.  Not in a co-dependant or bad way.  But in a way that they know you will always be there for them.  You are truly committed to their success and will provide that effort when it will make a difference for them.

They need to know you are a rock.  When there are price increases, compensation plan changes, negative publicity, or any other challenges, they need to see that your commitment never waivers.  You’re in it to win it and you’re all in.

Does your team get that vibe from you?


17 thoughts on “Your Unconditional Commitment

  1. Absolutely. I’m a rock for me, so I can be a rock for my team. I’m bullet-proof. I constantly work on my personal performance & personal growth so that I can be a stronger person, and a greater asset to my team.

  2. Greetings Randy,

    I am not very good at promoting myself in the light so to speak but because you asked, I will give you my insight to your question for those that read your blogs and maybe the responses you get here.

    For those out there that are working a home based business hoping it will work out for you, here is the first business at hand.


    All to often in this industry people join a home based business hoping that this is their turn etc. , etc. etc.

    There will be ups and downs, there will be all of the above that Mr. Gage has mentioned.

    To make it in this business you must decide to do what it takes to become a winner.

    Every person that honestly WORKS the right way will eventually have success.

    How much success will be up to you and only you, based on how hard you work, along with developing YOURSELF.

    Of course you must be with a company that has the right intentions for being in business, has fair and equitable compensation plan for the rep in the field and products people will want to use over and over at a fair price.

    Are there times yo will look up for a leader that has already weathered the storms, You bet. Don’t be afraid to ask either. They will be the ROCK you will need, to get you up the next stair step of YOUR staircase, you are walking.

    However, there will be things that happen you will need to rely on yourself and your own belief.

    There is NOTHING like having a successful home based business that develops over time, YES IT WILL TAKE TIME. Your not buying a winning lottery ticket, so don’t let someone talk you into thinking you are.

    The rewards of building a lasting residual income from a home based business has benefits you will never receive by having a JOB.

    To answer your question Randy if I am one of the those Rocks that others can look up to and hold the position no matter what.

    Yes, I have become such a person.

    Since joining my current company back in 2001, I have learned what it takes to weather the storms and have helped others do the same.

    Be Blessed.


  3. HI Randy, I have someone on my team who has always been the Rock for me, she is 72 years old and would drive accross the country for me, take my calls night or day, and lend an ear whenever needed. The Amazing part of this business is when my phone started to ring with my team asking me for help or adivise, that’s when I saw my the Rock come out in me. Feels good to be at the other end.

  4. Yes Randy, I am the Rock and my team feels it. Always had to be as I have never had a Rock to lean on, so it had to be me…or else give up. Sometimes I wish I could pass the position on to some one else, but only rarely! Most of the time I am happy to assume the title! I know that in their eyes I cannot ever falter as this would betray the confidence they have placed in me.

  5. Hi, Randy
    You have really given us the opportunity to go boasting out loud. Well of course I’m there for my people and the more unpleasant circumstances I experience and effectively overcome, the better help they can expect from me.
    Love, Natasa

  6. Hello Randy, you want to know if I’m a rock? I can say YES I’m 66years old and I’m a ROCK! How? Just when I begun “something” and recognize that it’s the right ” way”, I never stop it and that was always my succès in all my difficulties.
    Thank you to give us a little of your precious time. Have a nice day Mr. Gage.

  7. Unconditional commitment to your team does not demand that you accept poor decisions from a company … If, the negative publicity is accurate … the compensation plan changes are unreasonable … etc., …then commitment to team demands that you be truthful with them … as opposed to using your mentorship, and their trust in you, to keep a team in place with that company for your own personal benefit when their chances of success are diminished or have evaporated. There are times when commitment to the company must waiver in favor of commitment to your team.

  8. Randy I love this topic it’s amazing to how many top income earners had there sponsor quit. Looking at my team almost all of my leaders that are on the right track to make it BIG there sponsor quit. Mine did.

    Also if you started a brick and mortar business you would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and work your A** off for 5 to 8 years before you showed a profit. Yet people get in MLM thinking they will talk to one person a month and get mad there not making millions.

    I almost quit. Ya I almost quit many times. But my commitment to my dreams, to my family, to my winning all keep me going.

    Commitment to your team, to your daily method of operation, to yourself. COMMITMENT is how you WIN


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