Finding a Great Excuse

I’m been doing a lot of counseling with team members recently so it’s given me a chance to hear some really good excuses why the business isn’t growing for some people.  What about you?

I’ve heard because they don’t have a car, are single, don’t have a lot of money, don’t have a lot of free time, the products are too expensive, they live in a “conservative” area, and lots of other “good” reasons why it’s not working.

But there’s a big problem with all of these excuses…

The fact that there are other people with exactly the same situation who have built anyway.  Now that leaves you a choice:

You can do what millions of people do.  Which is to really think long and hard on some kind of excuse that will justify your lack of success.

Or number two, you can decide to become successful, regardless of the challenges you face.

So which one is it for you?

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20 thoughts on “Finding a Great Excuse

  1. As it’s said, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” To say it as an excuse, “For it not to be, is also up to me.” Given the same set of circumstances, same surroundings, economics, etc., the only difference is the individual. The greatest excuse is “I’m just too lazy”….though you’ll never hear it said that way! : )

  2. i had all of thoughts you mentioned when i could not figured out the real reasons attracted me to work in the network marketing industry.
    i liked network marketing because daddy has been working in this industry for 10 years. i thought that i could continue his business.
    but i was wrong.
    now i realized that i work for myself, for my development.
    all of excuses are gone.

  3. Funny thing is I started this business with no money, house in forclosure, husband with no work coming in, seven kids in my house, and broken down cars, you get the picture… these were my reasons for doing the business not excuses for not doing it. A year later I am still moving in the right direction, my business is growing. I look forward to your posts so I can keep my dream in front of me. thanks so much

  4. there will always be someone with worse circumstances then yours that do it anyway. Any excuse will work. That’s why I love the MLM business it’s about work and skill. Skills can be sharpened after that it’s up to YOU and WORK

  5. Great Post!

    I think people want it to happen overnight and its best done in baby steps if time and/or money is limited. Can you make calls for just 1 hour per day?
    Most Everyone has a phone and a mouth! LOL
    We have to stop being victims of circumstances and just do it.

  6. My greatest excuse has been- my parent’s made money the old fashioned way, then I should too.
    an analogy would be:”My grandparents were miners,my parents and uncle were miners, and that’s all I know to do.”
    Deeply held beliefs on how to make money passed from several generations foward.
    Working on changing that script in my little brain.

  7. What you said sound familiar and natural. Anyway these people have contributed to MLM business greatly in a sense that they give us a chance to take up challenges by facing them and learn from their ignorance. They are the one who gave way for those who really need the opportunity to excel in life through MLM. If not for those people, there won’t be “vacancy'” for MLM business right now,agree? Everyone is having these “models” in their team,don’t they? But, better make sure we are not one of them.

  8. Hey Randy/
    Those who seats on the fence,by and large used to
    give excuses for their ineffectiveness.
    There is a saying about making excuses:
    “Every one can find fault, few can do better,
    and one more saying:
    “A bad workman always blames his tools”.

  9. Success is a relative term. Comparing yourself, your results, to anyone else is setting yourself up for failure. The question is; are you doing what you need to do to be successful at this point in your career? I can always do more and that is also an attitude that sets you up for failure. While portions of this profession are similar to golf and you must practice all your shots to ever consistently par… this is also a team game and the myth that it is all up to me leads again to failure. I have yet to see a useful guide that provides the sets of skills that need to learned, the practical factors and applications that need to become second nature and a way to evaluate my position with a view toward improvement.

    If you are in your second year of college comparing yourself to someone with a PHD, other than to where they were when they were in their second year of college is a fool’s game. My experience is people do the best they can with what they know. Many of us were taught to never ask for help, to buy all the negative talk around us as gospel when what might work is someone in your corner who believes you can do it… that might impact your own belief.

    Often people get into their program for all the wrong reasons and are stuck with a vehicle that does not whisper their name, doesn’t attract them for what it is and to quit makes you a loser. The first year is the first year. It is a training year, a year to evaluate yourself and the system you are participating with. Many don’t give it long enough to know and just as many I have met have stayed far too long with the wrong company for them. If you are in this for the money, guess again. The money will come but it is tangential to your effort, it is almost an accident, it is the frosting on the cake but if it is the primary purpose you lose. Yes, there are people who single mindedly accomplished the task but often at the loss of everything else. This profession is a marathon not a sprint race. The time for acorn to tree producing acorns is not weeks. Comparing oak trees to tomatoes is risky.

    While it is true we are always able to use an excuse the questions people ask generally produce those kinds of answers. If you have ever climbed a serious mountain you do it as a group. Many in this profession leave people to die on the side of a cliff and blame everyone else’s laziness, lack of commitment etc to why they are not making it. The question ‘Why isn’t your business growing?” needs real work. It is a question that provides no answers except excuses and for too many it is the question that has them walk away one or two steps from breakthrough.

  10. I believe no matter what topic you wrote here, and all are very good, that it all deals in one way or another, with excuses. Each topic focuses on the excuse whether you call it that or not.

    If you talk about faith, it addresses the excuse of having no faith and so on.

    So you can say that most, if not all of your articles are about excuses and you address them.

    I have been thinking this morning while drivng, about what I call a “Holy Must”.

    Excuses are simply a way of continuing our wishing. (Wishing is like being wishy washy). “I wish I had a nice house…but…” A Must is more than a goal, it’s more (way more) than wishing, its even more than wants or desires. A Must is something you MUST do or die trying to do. A Must is more than just “providing for my family”. For a Must, you need to (or MUST) dig deep inside and “excuses be damned”, you dig out that deepest desire and drive and do all that you MUST do to complete that Must.

    I cannot just say “I need to build my business” or even “I must build my business”, but say “I MUST build my [specifically named] business.”

    “What so ever you find your hand doing, do with all your might”.

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