The Difference Between Managers and Leaders

People ask me all the time how to manage their people.  I tell them that you can’t manage people.  You lead people and you manage things.  

Managers criticize people in public.  Leaders criticize in private and do it from a constructive viewpoint to help someone grow.

Managers emphasize the things people do wrong.  Leaders emphasize the things people do right.

Managers order people to do things.  Leaders inspire people to do things.

Managers set goals.  Leaders set visions.

So which one are you?


29 thoughts on “The Difference Between Managers and Leaders

  1. Lead by example!



    I agree Randy, leaders should inspire! So few of them around anymore…

    You are certainly one in this business, thanks!



  2. I’ve become a Leader. Used to setting goals…….have vision board now
    setting visions. Sure gives one something to think about. The do’s and don’t’s
    of leading a team. TYVM RG YOU ROCK !!

  3. Thanks RG,

    You posted this for me. I teach managers leadership and how to lead their people and I’ll use some of our ideas I find so powerfull

    Thanks again


  4. A very fine observation and a huge difference between the two concepts …. I wish that my “super ” manager to read this great comment!
    Thanks Randy , again !

  5. The first place to begin being a leader is with yourself. All too often we ‘manage’ ourselves, criticizing all that is insufficient and completely ignoring our own strengths. Instead of operating from a ‘to do’ list what could you do that would inspire you today. Do more of that and the band will form…

  6. Randy,

    Great Post! We all need the reminder that when the glass is filled to the half way point, it is our vision that lets us see it half empty or half full!

    Keep filling us up!

    Keith Trautman 🙂

  7. Hey Randy,

    A leader find the way and motivates his tim to follow him and to beilive in him.
    A manager is one who like a boss on his team who act according to the policy
    of any organization.There’s a great quote
    “MLM Leaders are pathfinders. “Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

  8. Leadership is not the ability to lead it’s the ability to follow. Follow one’s heart, follow others, follow your purpose.

    Leadership is the ability to serve

    Developing a following is not how well you get others to follow you, rather it’s your passion resonating with others and your ability to serve them in your quest to come together for this common purpose.

    Leadership is the ability to lead with passion

    Leadership is the power to say you’re sorry and make corrections along the way. Leadership is the ability to lead by example and pave the way not just sit up on your pedestal teaching what you know. A Leader does the grunt work not because it needs to be done, but because it must be done.
    A true leader leads with his heart and serve with his soul.

    Vincent StLouis

  9. Randy
    Thank you! i set out to develop myself this month asa powerful leader, i have been reading and studying a lot on Leadership. What you shared with me today is really meaningful thanks.


    1. Ask the “If time and money were not an issue what would you be doing with your life right now?”

      After they answer ask- “Are you willing to do what it takes to achieve that life?”

      I hope that gets the ball rolling for you.


      1. Yes I did, but common aswers are : my goal in life are not money, my goal in life is harmony. or I am satisfied I don´t need to compare with people living better life an be unhappy rather I am satisfied what I have and be happy. I think it´s level (low) of thinking and people must realize it by themselfs. maybe I am wrong and I had them motivate.

  10. Hey Randy,

    I am grateful that I learned the difference between manager and leader a while ago and before I got into the industry of Network Marketing. I am definitely on the track of Leader!

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  11. -RG,

    Definitely a leader. As a retired captain in the fire service. Managers failed, leaders kept people safe motivated and would not ask someone to do something that they would not do.

    Great read for everyone “Tribes” by Seth Godin.


  12. Is it any wonder that Managers must have some pressure chamber for people to do what they say? Or, why Leaders are loved and managers hated?

    Why we call them jobs in corporate America, no leaders just managers who never see the real picture of their staff and employees.

    Randy you have not only told us our greatest danger but also greatest accomplishment. Maybe this is the reason another great leader said that the greatest among us will be the servant of all.

    A servant hearted mentor/leader

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