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How Serious are You?

So we’ve been talking about your roles as a teacher, student and leader.  Because how well you develop those skills determines how successful you will be in Network Marketing.  It means paying the price. Continue reading “How Serious are You?”

The Role of Leadership

So over the last few days we’ve talked about your role as a teacher and a student.  That leads us to the next level: leadership. Continue reading “The Role of Leadership”

Your Other Role

Last post we discussed your role as a teacher.  But never lose sight of the fact that all great teachers were first great students.  And still are… Continue reading “Your Other Role”

Your Role as Teacher

One of the big breakthroughs I had in Network Marketing was when it realized it wasn’t really a sales business, but a teaching and training one.  I attribute a lot of my success because I didn’t look for salespeople, but people with good teaching skills. Continue reading “Your Role as Teacher”

Living the Adventure

Let me give you the most important recruiting tip you will ever receive: Continue reading “Living the Adventure”

Going for the Best

Great discussion going on the last post about the one in 500.  Enrique wondered if I meant 500 approaches or 500 presentations?  Actually neither.   Here’s what I mean… Continue reading “Going for the Best”

One in 500

So last post we discussed the difference between simple and easy.  It’s important to understand that Network Marketing is perfect for everyone.  But not everyone is perfect for Network Marketing… Continue reading “One in 500”

Don’t Confuse Simple with Easy

Love the discussion on the last post on the benefits of struggle.  You guys checked in with some great insights.  Now let’s go a little deeper… Continue reading “Don’t Confuse Simple with Easy”

The Struggle for Victory

A great response to yesterday’s post on what would make you quit. Obviously some very determined people, and one or two crusaders desperately trying to convince everyone else to quit.  Which was kind of fascinating to me… Continue reading “The Struggle for Victory”

What Will Cause You to Give Up?

No one really fails in Network Marketing.  They simply give up.  And if you quit, you can’t win.  So what about you? Continue reading “What Will Cause You to Give Up?”

Developing Your Skills

Last week we began a discussion on what it takes to be a professional in Network Marketing. We looked at Networking Times and I encouraged you to subscribe so you can get a monthly dose of information from successful people in the business.  Now let’s look at another important component… Continue reading “Developing Your Skills”

Hope and Faith

How many times have you heard someone tell you, “Don’t get your hopes up.”   How crazy is that!  The people that reach success in anything are the ones that get their hopes up.   Continue reading “Hope and Faith”

Life Versus Lifestyle

Okay let’s get real.  I’ve been challenging you to get more serious, more committed and more proficient in the business.  And of course there are lots of valid excuses about what is holding you back.   Continue reading “Life Versus Lifestyle”

What Makes a Professional

We’ve talked a lot in this space about the difference between professionals and amateurs.  Today is a chance to look again at something that makes you a professional in this profession.  (And please stop calling it an industry!)   Continue reading “What Makes a Professional”

Finding a Great Excuse

I’m been doing a lot of counseling with team members recently so it’s given me a chance to hear some really good excuses why the business isn’t growing for some people.  What about you? Continue reading “Finding a Great Excuse”