Hope and Faith

How many times have you heard someone tell you, “Don’t get your hopes up.”   How crazy is that!  The people that reach success in anything are the ones that get their hopes up.  

I was just working on this topic for my new Prosperity TV episode.  In that I’ll be talking about the concept of faith.  Everyone has faith.  Some have faith that negative things will happen and others have faith that positive things will happen.

And depending which school of thought you below to has a big effect on the results you manifest.  Faith is taking the concept of hope and anchoring it with a positive expectation.  And of course thoughts held in mind, produce in kind.

So which way are you thinking?


16 thoughts on “Hope and Faith

  1. faith is a funny thing. Some people have faith that God will take care of them but they wont get off the couch. I can have all the faith in the world that the mountain will move but if I don’t grab a shovel it will never move.

    True faith is shown with ACTION. If you really believe it you will act on it. Faith without works is dead.

    The law of attraction is worthless without the law of ACTION.

    Faith is thrown around to easily.

    Do you really have faith?

    I truly believe that if I talk to enough people I can and will make a million Dollars a month.

    I truly have Faith that if I do the work the money will come.

    My actions show how strong my Faith and Belief are.

    How about you?


  2. You hit it right on the head Randy. My experience has been that family and friends try to “help” you with their negative faith. My dad paid for my starter kit because I didn’t have enough money…. Only so that when I got a phone call from a prospect in another state, I was very excited, but his comment was “he’s not going to sign up.”

  3. I can’t support your definition of faith. Mine suggests most people have none. Faith is certainty in outcome with NO DOUBT. Most people are plagued with doubt about everything and everyone. Faith is unrelated to positive or negative. Good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative are in some other universe and are an opinion over which you are judge and jury. Not related to faith in my definition. The ‘faith’ you describe is a corrupt form of positive and negative thinking both which are incomplete when separated from the other. What about complete and whole thinking where something that is lousy is called lousy. Thinking positive about it or negative never changes the past which is ALWAYS what positive and negative refer to. Faith is a forward function; it doesn’t look to the past and it occurs in the now. Faith is certainty in outcome without doubt. Doubt is the enemy of faith and any doubt eliminates faith. You are correct saying ‘don’t get your hopes up’ is crazy talk and doubt filled. Hope is about expectations and desires. Hope is a context and often listens to doubt and reasonableness. The point where hope and faith overlap is trust.

  4. I stay with you on this one, despite the analysis made by Michael; a bit too complicated for my simple mind…
    Faith is believing, and belief makes you tick. If you tick, you tac, and that guides your actions.
    And of course your actions obtain results.
    The ones you expected!

  5. Hey Randy,

    If someone lost his faith and his hope, he lost also the willing to survive.
    Our hope help us to keep on fighting and overcome any obstacle which
    got in front of the way of life.

    When anybody lost the faith in the universe or God, and lost the hope also, he will
    deteriorate to the condition of depression, more and more till his death.
    Never lose the faith and hope, never give up.
    There is a saying of Stephan pierce:

    “You’ll never change what is in your hand
    until you change what is in your head…”

  6. Faith is taking the concept of hope and anchoring it with a positive expectation. And of course thoughts held in mind, produce in kind.

  7. Boy are you ever right! Most of us have been on both sides of that coin. Its not natural to be negative. But that is what we have been taught. Most of us have to unlearn those tendencies to see everything from the negative side. It sure feels good when you can actually live on the positive faith side most of the time. It definitely depends on who you associate with for sure. I have had to teach my family not to be prophets of doom! Now they know that they can’t voice all the negative stuff around me. I have seen my business grow because of that!


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