Life Versus Lifestyle

Okay let’s get real.  I’ve been challenging you to get more serious, more committed and more proficient in the business.  And of course there are lots of valid excuses about what is holding you back.  

The one I hear the most is time.  People always talk about the sacrifice it takes to get out at night.  Yet I keep challenging you to work the business five nights a week.  Remember this:  It isn’t the business that is eating up so much of your time.  It’s your job!

So if you want to change that, you’ll have to sacrifice now. To get the lifestyle later.

If you had kidney failure, you’d find two hours a day for dialysis to save your life.  Why not find two hours a day even though your life isn’t at risk?  Just your lifestyle.   But it’s your lifestyle that brings the real joy to life.


27 thoughts on “Life Versus Lifestyle

  1. Most people would rather have kidney failure than recruit Randy. But you knew that didn’t you?

    The number one change I see in our industry in the last 30 years is how people today want to be wealthy but they do not want to Master the business; Risk their time and money; Invest in themselves; Transform who they are and what they have to offer and most of all Work their asses off.
    20-30 years ago leaders appreciated the opportunity companies offered and dove in head first. Now everyone wants to dip their little toe and get rich.
    It is a sign of our culture…entitlement and try to run out the clock.

    The Wake up Call is going to come when people find themselves living to be 100 but their government and their bank accounts ran out on them 30 years early.

    Those that are willing to give their all can earn 10 times more now than 30 years ago. And those that do will stand 100 ft tall over those timid souls that live in low level flight.

  2. Ouch, that is right on target. For some reason I came into Network Marketing thinking I should “know” the business. Why, I don’t quite know, quite possibly brought into the hype of “easy.” Because I really didn’t know the business I did indeed join the ranks of the 95%ters-BIG TIME. Failure met me at every turn. Some how it was the fault of my upline, the company or products, you name it I called it. Real victimhood mentality. I finally got it, they’re rich I’m broke. Now I am sitting at the feet of the masters (not the guru-hypers), learning internet and network marketing. Actually LEARNING the business and looking forward to a great future.
    Thanks Randy

  3. Thank you Randy!!! Your ideas are really inspiring! I especially like below idea:

    “It isn’t the business that is eating up so much of your time. It’s your job!”

  4. This could be my trouble. I like talking to strangers hours a day. Not one has ever joined my program after the first conversation. It usually takes five or more. I have discovered that number is what offends people the most. Truth is once they join we talk times per day in the beginning and at least weekly as they come up to speed. I like talking to strangers. Do you know anyone else who does?

  5. Randy,

    I love how you said, “it isn’t the business that is eating up so much of your time, it’s your job!” – that’s so true.

    It’s amazing how much time is wasted if you really take a look at what you spend your time doing. I remember reading The Official Guide to Success by Tom Hopkins where he shows you a way to get back more time! His exercise was quite interesting and a lesson I will never forget!

    Thanks for your awesome message!


  6. Randy,

    That was a good point. I think the problem is the fear that holds people back and they use the excuses to justify their inaction. Every single successful networker/$100,000+ per month money earner all say the same thing about how they were consistent, committed, diligent and persistent in their pursuit to the lifestyle we desire. I believe people know the answer. They know what it takes and what’s necessary but they don’t REALLY want it. They hope it happens but they’re not looking to do the work. They think, “That worked for them, but I can do this another (easier) way and still make it”? So they’ll read book after book and go to seminar after seminar searching for the short cut and easy way to get to the top (whatever their definition of the top is). What i’ve learned over the years is that, there’s no secret, no shortcut, none of that. Make a commitment, get your tools in people’s hands, follow up and do the work. That’s the ONLY way to get that desirable lifestyle. I know because I was somewhat one of those people and I’ve run into tons of them over the years.

  7. Love it and how timely because last night on twitter someone posted that I should just “chill” because it was Saturday night and why was I working on my writing project….ummm working on it because I need to get it done since it’s a stepping stone to more freedom and time for me to enjoy life! 🙂

  8. Right on! I watched my father dying in a hospital for several months and observed that people were signing DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) more than ever before. I asked the Doctors about this alarming trend, and he stated the #1 reason is MONEY not the illness. Astronomical expenses put them in a below poverty level (medications & treatments), family and friends unable to take on that responsibility because they do not have enough money, and quality of life compounded by lack of Money.

    Randy, I can understand life-threatening situations for DNR (in pain, on tubes, etc…) but for most it is because of Money. There is a lack of planning in finances and the unwillingness to look at the issue. Sure, one can wait for the Healthcare Law to kick in (a disaster anyway), but I still rather choose the best doctor$ no matter the cost.

    My point here is for me to get going with URGENCY as if my life depended on it and get it handle ASAP once and for all. This is real lifestyle freedom for me.

  9. Randy, This excuse was in my subconcious, thanks for helping me nip in in the bud and bring me back to reality as to why i do what i do.


  10. great stuff randy!!!! you are my mlm guru and coach, i have your mlm money machine . when can you visit africa ? mlm is brand new here. i live and do my biz in 3 africa countries . please come and blast mlm here mlm was made for africa we have time and love to talk, but no mlm coach came here. be the first.i will host you

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