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Will Beats Skill

Ever get someone new on your team that sponsors ten people in a week?  How did they do that, since they only had their products for one day and couldn’t explain the compensation plan if their life depended on it.   Continue reading “Will Beats Skill”

The Power of a Team

With different softball teams I have won two silver medals, one gold medal, one World Series, around 15 tournaments, and at least 25 leagues championships.  And I’ve been on teams that went a whole season without winning a game.  So what’s the difference? Continue reading “The Power of a Team”

Getting Unbalanced

So I’m writing today from Red Lobster, where I’m indulging in the “endless shrimp” special.  Now I need an all-you-can-eat promo like you need an all-the-forks-you-can-stick-in-your-eye offer.  But almost anything in moderation is okay.  Even excess.   Continue reading “Getting Unbalanced”

Becoming to Be

What if you could find one amazing “Rock Star” distributor to energize your network?   Someone that could totally tear it up and create massive duplication and momentum for your team.   Continue reading “Becoming to Be”

The Universe University

Guess what?  The universe isn’t trying to knock you down.  But it does send you messages and give you lessons. Continue reading “The Universe University”

Those Pesky Kids!

So what’s the top excuse I hear for not building the business?  Kids. Continue reading “Those Pesky Kids!”

The Power of Thought

Happy Monday!  I hope you’re having a great one.  I know I sure am.  Which is pretty funny when you think about it… Continue reading “The Power of Thought”

How Do You Delegate?

When you delegate tasks, you create followers; when you delegate responsibility, you create leaders.  When you create leaders, you foster true duplication.   Continue reading “How Do You Delegate?”

Fighting the Fear

Let’s get real.  EVERYBODY has fears.  Every person in Network Marketing has things that scare him or her.  We all have people we prospect that make us nervous.  So how do you overcome the fear? Continue reading “Fighting the Fear”

Rejecting Rejection

I sometimes wonder how many people have rejected me when I offered them a chance to look at the business.  But the truth is, I don’t really care.  That’s on them.   Continue reading “Rejecting Rejection”

Life as a Rock Star

I was watching an interview with Kid Rock and former baseball player David Wells the other day.  They were joking around about how all athletes want to be rock stars and all rock stars want to be athletes.  Somebody said the actual pecking order goes: Continue reading “Life as a Rock Star”

Get Out of the House

So here’s my business building tip of the weekend for you.  Get out of the house.   Continue reading “Get Out of the House”

The Neuroscience of Events

Okay I’ve been screaming for years about the people claiming that live meetings are no longer necessary.  They like to talk about them as “old school” and infer that they are an old-fashioned process that is no longer required to build a group. Continue reading “The Neuroscience of Events”

New Interview

Well I’m 15 hours into my travel home, another 3 more to go.  Six countries in six days!  It was a crazy trip.  But a very fun and productive one… Continue reading “New Interview”

Growing Yourself

Congratulations.  Many of you ordered my Money Machine Book or the Duplication Nation album after the last post.  I’m glad to see you’re serious about learning.  Now please continue that in the self-development arena… Continue reading “Growing Yourself”