Getting Unbalanced

So I’m writing today from Red Lobster, where I’m indulging in the “endless shrimp” special.  Now I need an all-you-can-eat promo like you need an all-the-forks-you-can-stick-in-your-eye offer.  But almost anything in moderation is okay.  Even excess.  

And sometimes excess is good.  When it’s a conscious choice, not a blind reaction without thought.

Take the idea of balance.  Almost every motivational speaker says you should be in balance.  But is that really true?  I don’t think so.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that I’ve never met anyone that reached the highest levels of success in anything that was balanced.  They made a conscious choice to get out of balance for a time.

Want to launch a new business?  Better be prepared to obsess for the first six months to a year.  Want to win an Olympic medal?  Better be prepared to train hours and hours every day.  Want to be a great speaker?  Plan on giving at least 100 speeches in a year.

And want to build a large network and become a leader in our profession?  You need to make a conscious choice to get out of balance for a season.  Talk to your family and let them know.  Negotiate and agree on some rewards when you’re done and make sure they understand and buy into the reason you are doing what you do.  But you’re going to need to get out of balance if you want to be great.

Now staying out of balance leads to heartache.  Because balance really is good.  But usually the best balance is actually continually evaluating and swapping the areas you are choosing to get out of balance on!

So you can pride yourself on being balanced and broke.  Or you can become great.  Which one are you choosing?


25 thoughts on “Getting Unbalanced

  1. I’ve been saying this for years (to myself and anyone who’d listen!) so it’s great to know that I was making some kind of sense…in an unbalanced kind of way!

    This is not a profession for the straight-laced, sensible suburban types after all. Let’s go a little crazy and see who follows right?


  2. I always thought balance was important, but you’re absolutely right – if you want to be great, you HAVE to get out of balance and tip the scales.

    Well said Randy…..great post!
    Balance, schmalance!

  3. Thanks for reminding me Randy that I have to get into Massive Action in order to really achieve ANY goal. Most people tend to stay mediocre because it involves less pain and they equate pain/change with negativity and so will run from it. I choose to run TO it. We all should!

  4. I agree that balance and motivation don’t always go together.

    When I listen to people’s conversation regarding ‘getting what they want’ I often hear expressions like; “I hope it works for me”, or “I’ll do it unless . . . (anything else happens)”, or “I’ll try to make it work”. I notice that stronger personalities even give themselves an ‘out’ to fail by playing the “I’ll do the best I can” position.

    The truth is that unless we ‘get out of balance’ as Randy suggests, we will NOT get what we want. Getting out of balance sounds and looks like a person that is willing “to do WHATEVER it takes”. This statement provides focus and energy – the commitment is certain, and my experience is that only goal oriented people leading their lives ever use it.

  5. I used to think that “balance” is key to a good life. Now, you have made me realize that a good life will consist of phases of balance and unbalance and then balance again, and then unbalance, and so forth.

    Nature itself teaches us this too. Don’t we all wish spring would last forever? But we know that the most beautiful spring will be upset (ie “unbalanced”) by a harsh winter.

    Randy, thanks for sharing!

  6. What a GREAT article!

    It’s a paradox: our society, media and culture teach “balance” but they don’t teach the consequence of the fake balance of putting all your financial eggs in one basket (i.e., job) then the imbalance that happens when that basket breaks.

    If they taught that intentional, planned balance was ok while you’re achieving a goal like our NM businesses, there would be less financial stress in families!

  7. Randy,

    Eric , you & I used to call this getting “white hot for a season” .

    Folks really don’t get it by & large …but it works big time.

    Keep the great content coming.

    – Warren Little

  8. All successful people and people who strive for success need to be 110% in or as you said at MM6 Randy – all in. Unfortunately, some people get cauught up in their success and stay in a state of unbalance. Those are the ones that end up divorced, stressed out, etc.

  9. I like that: “But usually the best balance is actually continually evaluating and swapping the areas you are choosing to get out of balance on!”

  10. I think people really want balance. I think they will be attracted to companies that promote it. Without any one of the 5 areas of relational, spiritual, mental, physical, and financial health, what are you left with? Look if you make a pact with the family, its ok to divert for the good of the cause, like a 6-month blitz for your business as long as you come back to the nest. People are stressed, and they are hearing the same monotone financial message. My product is a result of a breakthru and our comp plan is really good. How about a community of people who work together to help each other achieve all aspects of prosperity, give back to the community, and offer the prospect something more than a financial pitch. I’m telling you, people will come to it.

  11. Hey Randy,

    It’s almost “utopian” to think you should be aiming for “balance” in my opinion. It’s the same as being a “Jack of All Trades” – all you end up being is an average Joe, probably living a life of quiet desperation because there is some greatness wanting out.

    Getting out of balance is sometimes a little difficult for those close to you to comprehend and accept. I’ve experience this recently as I get more tunnel visioned about my business. But I know where this is leading me.

    You have to keep the faith and stay focused. Don’t let people steal your dreams, even if they are worried about you, or because they care about you. They will see your ways when you achieve greatness!

    All the best,

  12. Most of us including me have spent more tha first 20 years of our lives being taught how to stay in Balance, tha’s why we faces serious difficults when comes to getting out of Balance.
    I think we have to spend the first 15 years of our lives with our mentors, even our parents assuming that they have been seen this truth.

    Thanks Gage!

  13. Some great comments above.

    I am switching gears from being out of balance with my day job the last two months to being out of balance to building my business, not someone else’s.

    Moving to great mode 🙂


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