Becoming to Be

What if you could find one amazing “Rock Star” distributor to energize your network?   Someone that could totally tear it up and create massive duplication and momentum for your team.  

You can.

But you may have to change your paradigm.  You may have to see the business – and yourself – in a whole new light.

I just came back from an amazing weekend at the Network Marketing Mastermind event in Houston.  And while there I conducted a session to launch my new book, “Making the First Circle Work.”

The message must have resounded with people, because we sold thousands of the new books there.  People were buying 300, 500 or more at a time to get the message out right away to their team.  And that core message was personal responsibility.

Because at some point you’ll realize that the amazing rock star distributor you need isn’t out there, but looking at you in the mirror every morning.

You are the rock star you’ve been waiting for!

People look everywhere for the magic bullet, superstar leader or the special gift that is going to drop from the sky.  The day you really breakthrough is the day you realize that the real gift is you.

You can be the person that others want to work with…
You can be the presenter that others want to hear…
You can be the leaders that others want to believe in…

You can BE all of those things if you’re willing to BECOME all of those things.

You up for that?


24 thoughts on “Becoming to Be

  1. Hi Randy, thanks again for an amazing weekend. The concept of making the first circle work is already spilling over into my home life. I find myself checking to see if I am the example I want to see in my children. I came home from the MM Event to find my four kids with messy bedrooms and before I can say anything I have to go clean my own room. I guess you are right that we have to get uncomfortable to grow. Is sure is easier to focus on what everyone else is not doing than to foucs on what we need to do. Gotta go do some cleaning up….

  2. Hello Randy:

    The MM6 weekend was life changing. I can see that event attracting 10,000+ attendees someday. Yes, I am up for making the changes to propel my business into rock star territory. Thanks to you and the rest of the Mastermind faculty, I have the tools to get it done. Thanks!!


  3. Making the first circle work of course applies to everything.

    One of the most “spiritual” things you can do is to realize that everything around you is a reflection of you.

    Everything. Every minute detail. Even everything that happens “in the world”.

    That’s what physical reality is about. It is outpicturing yourself for you.

    Take charge of your outpicturing and don’t let someone else outpicture for you.

  4. Master Mind Event in Houston was GREAT! Thank you for your part in making it so. The new book needs to be read by every distributor in every company.

  5. That presentation knocked my socks off. I’m summarizing it for my team next Monday and encouraging them to get the book. I brought home a few books for my key leaders and have read it twice myself. I can’t get enough of it. I’m ready to be the ROCK STAR I know I’m capable of being. Thanks again for the amazing weekend and your leadership.

  6. Awesome event this weekend, Randy. I really love the concept since I’m been looking “out there” for the leader and the magic bullet. I got from the weekend there is no magic bullet – just plain ol’ hard work and the “Rock Star is not out there. I just need to be the Rock Star and get my butt i gear!


  7. Couldn’t agree more Randy! YOU have to be the rock star to attract rock stars. . .something I am always working on. . . ME!

    Thanks for all your great posts! I’m always learning from you!

  8. Man I’m so tapped into your stuff!

    When I read the email about this post I thought, the answer was going to be “Be that rock star” and sure enough…

    gosh, maybe I’m starting to get it 🙂

    Love It!!!

  9. Masterful!
    I took the time to translate to Spanish and share it with our team.
    Here it is. Thanks! Jose

    “Convirtiéndote en quien debes ser”

    ¿Qué tal si pudieras encontrar un distribuidor “súper estrella” para energizar tu equipo? ¿Alguien que haga un excelente trabajo y cree duplicación masiva y momentum para tu equipo?

    Puedes hacerlo.

    Pero probablemente tendrás que cambiar tu paradigma. Tendrás que ver el negocio, y a ti mismo, bajo una luz completamente nueva.

    Acabo de regresar de un increíble fin de semana en el evento Network Marketing Mastermind en Houston. Durante el mismo, hice una sesión para lanzar mi nuevo libro, “Haciendo que el primer círculo funcione” “Making the First Circle Work.”

    El mensaje debe haber encontrado empatía entre los asistentes, porque se vendieron miles de copias del libro. Las personas compraron 300, 500 y más copias, para distribuirlo de inmediato en sus equipos. Y el mensaje central es “responsabilidad personal”
    Porque en algún momento te darás cuenta que el¨distribuidor “súper estrella” increíble que necesitas no está allá afuera, sino que te está mirando al espejo cada mañana.
    ¡Tú eres el “súper estrella” que has estado esperando!
    La gente está siempre buscando las soluciones mágicas, el líder súper estrella o el regalo especial que les cae del cielo. El día que realmente comienzas a tener resultados es el día que te das cuenta que el verdadero regalo eres tú.
    Tú puedes ser la persona con la cual otros quieren trabajar …
    Tú puedes ser el presentador que otros quieren escuchar …
    Tú puedes ser el líder en el cual otros quieren creer …
    Pueder SER todas esas cosas si estás dispuesto a CONVERTIRTE en todas esas cosas.
    ¿Estás dispuesto a hacerlo?
    Randy Gage

  10. -RG,

    Thanks for the “slap” upside the head.

    When I read “Want to find a rock star distributor?” I was like heck yes!

    Then I read your blog and said “Yep that’s Randy, focusing on the most important piece of the equation yourself.”



  11. Rock on RG, always enjoy your stuff. You are so right on. How can we expect others to do what we dont do? Thanks for the wake up.

  12. For we are human beings and not human doings. Thanks for reminding me that i need to keep looking inward to bring out all the pearls, diamonds, gold and currency within me.

  13. Wanting…. I have always been granted what I want. The trouble is in the wanting. Unless you want it the wishes won’t work. Unless you want all of it, the thorns and the rose petals, you cannot have it. You cannot want opposing manifestations and realize either one.

  14. Great one Randy!

    “If it is to be, it’s up to me!”

    I guess I know what my next book is…40+ and counting as I continue on my journey of learning and self improvement.

    Love this profession!!!!



  15. I wholehearted agree with Randy! Nothing will get in the way of your desire to succeed with the “Rock Star” in you. The reason people don’t succeed is they don’t have the “desire” but rather seeking an easy way out. Organize your life around your dreams and make it difficult for people to resist your propositions, then you WILL be the person that others want to work with, listen to, and the leader of the pack. Thanks Randy!

  16. Hey Randy,

    ” When we decided to be the best at somthing, than we need to study from the best.
    If we want to get more reward, we have to be more, and to give more.

    You are one of these best.

  17. Randy,

    What an awesome book and weekend. I bought the book right after you mentioned it and then devoured it that even.

    Last year’s MM5 Event was a life changer and this year was even more powerful because of the level of consciousness I have grown to thanks to you and all the faculty.

    Thanks again for doing what you do and I will catch up with you soon brother!


  18. My biggest regret is missing the MM5 Event! Anyway, I will just buy your book.
    Thanks Randy for all your commitment to help Distributors around the world to become successful by sharing your experiences and making them available thru your book. See you in the next MM6.

  19. Randy you hit it on the head again, I have jusr recently started doing my own conf. calls. the company webinar kinda sucks. everybody is doing webinars it seems, I call my leads in the morning and plan on doing to live calls a day M-Th. I have more passion and I know that the ones making the big bucks are doing the presenting , you’re right I am the rockstar!!

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