The Power of a Team

With different softball teams I have won two silver medals, one gold medal, one World Series, around 15 tournaments, and at least 25 leagues championships.  And I’ve been on teams that went a whole season without winning a game.  So what’s the difference?

The make up of the coach and the team.

People like to pin all the blame for losing teams on the coach, but I think that’s a cop out.  Every team has veteran players that need to step up and help create a winning attitude.  They can mentor and coach even more so than the coach can.

And that’s what makes Network Marketing the best business in the world.  Because of all the mentoring and coaching you can receive.  And the power of the team.

The team is a collective of all the best practices, mistakes to avoid, support, community and infrastructure.  The team can do what individuals cannot.

So where are you in all this?  Are you coaching the team?  Criticizing the coach?  Or turning into one of those veterans that takes rookies under their wing and helps the team move forward?


17 thoughts on “The Power of a Team

  1. Had to start over on building my team, but as the leader/coach, I realize that the vision and mission of the team has to come from me first. I then have to find out what my “players” need and want from the opportunity/team, give it to them – and show them how to get it on their own, then help them become the “veterans/teachers” to the newer teammates.

    I love football analogies. 🙂

  2. Have 17 people in my team. Only 2 right now have time for training. I give them all the time they need. I teach them all i know and new skills i am learning. I believe this business is all about having solid foundations. so i am working on building this two leaders brouhgt my way in every way that i can.

  3. Thank you for your insights each and everyday on this wonderful business. I’m reigniting my business and rebuilding my team. I know I’ve made mistakes in the past and now strive to become a better leader and mentor with our organization and companies distributors.

  4. Hey Randy ,
    In this industry,we need to work together with our team,because,
    “people join people, not companies. If your focus is on a company, or on a compensation plan, or on products, then your focus is wrong. To build a lasting long-term network marketing income, your must focus on building relationships”

    1. I think I agree with you but only 50%, because the product and the opportunity you have must be good as well! Yes there is this old say that says: a good seller can sell Freezers to eskimos! It’s a peoples business but you also need a good company with great procucts!

  5. Randy,
    I agree with you that the power of a team is a collection of all the best practices, mistakes to avoid and also a collection of individual talents,abilities and passion to help ourselves and mankind.
    I also agree that Network marketing is the best business in the world.
    God bless you all.

  6. Great post, but I have to say that the coach do matter. My hometown football team (Soccer in the US) was relegated from the top division last year only one year after they had won silver medals, and they on paper have a class team. The reason was a young and unexperiended coach that had to take over because the main coach was ill.

    This seson they kept basicly the team from last seson but still “we” only came 3 rd and have to play playoffs if we are to get promoted. Many people think we will fail again because this poor coach have no system. Last time there was international games “my team” had 8 players on international duties for 5 different Countries. My team should walk over the rest of the teams but they have not done so.

    But I do understand your post and did get the point 🙂

  7. To me the “TEAM” should be everyone in your business. I have some team members that desire to tell their team any updates I send. I think that develops some separation. But, I am learning everyday how to make everyone a part of the whole team. Mentoring and sharing news with everyone creates a family atmosphere with results and news that helps everyone. As I grow in my leadership skills and learn more from leaders much more experienced than myself, I will learn how to achieve a complete teamwork mentality.

  8. I’m lucky to have one of the most gorgeous coaches in the world.

    One of the best.

    He believes in me when I don’t.

    He loves me when I’ve forgotten

    He supports me when I’m floundering

    He touches my mind with his thinking

    He heals my soul with such tenderness

    He forces me into my fears with ruthlessness

    He challenges me to step up into my best

    His humour lights up my day

    And his growing presence open me to blossom

    His ways sometimes turn me in knots

    Yet with looking within and communication

    Somehow we come back to the truth:

    His essence is golden

    His heart big

  9. Thanks Mr. Gage………..I am consciously building a real team for the first time! i love it!!! I appreciate your coaching!

  10. This is what i love most in this business. It brings out the best in you, as a Leader, Mentor, Coach and a the same time Team Player. As a Coach, you have to learn how to plan the game, how to handle your players, how to take defeat graciously and how to celebrate successes. As a Team Player you should also learn how to work well with your Corporate Team, with your Uplines, downlines and sometimes even Crosslines. As a Mentor, you should be adept in dealing with different kind of personalities and treat them accordingly. This is more on a case to case basis, one on one approach. The good thing is, in this business, you can be a coach, a mentor, and at the same time a team player.

  11. If you think of yourself as having a team, then you are part of that team and head of that team. Along with that comes the responsibility of teaching, mentoring,etc. and building other leaders. The team leader (coach) may be the head of the team but he/she is not the whole team.

  12. Thanks Randy, My Team has shrank over this past year since they chose to try doing it on their own! Last night I received a call from a prior team member who asked if they can come back in under me….I believe some heavy One on One is in order before I allow that one.

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