Rejecting Rejection

I sometimes wonder how many people have rejected me when I offered them a chance to look at the business.  But the truth is, I don’t really care.  That’s on them.  

You know what I really like to think about?  The people that said yes.  Because they are the ones that helped me live my dreams.

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  And it’s the same way in Network Marketing.  You don’t sponsor everyone you don’t approach.

And you can’t have it both ways.  If you want the new team members, you have to be willing to make the invitations.  And in the long run, the people that turn you down fade from memory.  And the people that join you will be providing both you and them benefits for years to come.

So that leads you to a choice.  What are you going to do?


16 thoughts on “Rejecting Rejection

  1. Prospects are the ones who must worry about rejection.
    Unless they qualify themselves by how they respond to
    questions, I might reject them.
    But they cannot reject me or my invitation or my company
    or the business model. All these are already proven. The
    question remains; will he or she be someone I really enjoy
    working with? Will he be a plus to our group or will he
    be a lot more trouble than he’s worth?
    There are millions out there. You only need a few thousand
    and you can take your time and use your discretion on
    the ones you personally select.

  2. I like the Go for No philosophy around this question. X number of No’s = Y number of Yeses.

    You can’t have you yes if you never hear no.

    Great post, Randy. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. As usual this post encapsulates the essence of an element of our business most people miss.

    Not the no’s to get to the yes’es but who you become along the way emotionally so that you focus on the right actions & activities that deliver massive predictable results.

    – Warren Little



  5. Thanks Randy,

    I can see the sense in what you say, will start doing this from now on.

    Will help me to take the no’s that will come along easier to deal with, instead of fearing them.

  6. When I hear no, I say – not today

    Rejection is part off de game ,i like when people say no the fist time when I talk about the bussines,

    at the end I now he or she is goig to say yes

  7. Randy what really gets me excited is when I meet someone way in depth in my organization that is so fired up and thankful they are in the business. And I know that if I did not talk to one more person a year earlier they would not be here. The fine line between all the links to the chain that lead someone to invite that person but if I did not talk to one more person a long time ago that person would not be blessed with the opportunity.

    See the way I look at it is It’s my responsibility to share it with everyone. Because that starts the link to a person far away that needs a chance.

    Everyone is in there business because someone talked to one more person on a day that they may not have wanted to but they did and they stayed in one more day and that day was for YOU. Now go out and bless someone today by starting a chain that will save someones life someday.

  8. Hey Randy,

    Of corse people have rejected me ,this happend to every one in the business.
    These people who have refused to the oppotunity, are not ready yet, because of their reasons.We don’t take this rejection in person..

  9. I am planning to go pro real soon after I gather all my skills needed, so I can get out there and be confident of what I am offering, and I think that the best way to think about NOs is to take No as a Not Yet and if they do come back to you it’s a bonus. and if they don’t – its their loss!

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