The Neuroscience of Events

Okay I’ve been screaming for years about the people claiming that live meetings are no longer necessary.  They like to talk about them as “old school” and infer that they are an old-fashioned process that is no longer required to build a group.

They would have you believe that you can simply sit home in your bunny slippers and build online, or watch “The Secret” and “attract” prospects to you.

That’s just plain silly. The business is built with relationships and events.  The people telling you that meetings don’t work any longer or that they are old school are not people that actually build networks.  They make their money by “mining the miners,” selling their leads and systems.

There is nothing that can replace the social proof that happens when people gather together in one room.  And there is some new research out that shows the benefits of live events versus just tele-seminars and conference calls.  You can check it out here:

Are you building through live events?  Do you really get this?


23 thoughts on “The Neuroscience of Events

  1. Nothing can replace the gathering of poeple to make things happening for human evolution; after all this is the way civilisations have been built upon, an is the way it will continue to be in the future, or else we will, somehow stop being humans. Don´t you think?

  2. Ok we HEAR you! What’s your obsession with the bunny slippers? I’d never heard that until you started ranting about them! I don’t think they do them in UK so I guess I’ll have to go out sometimes. Damn it!

  3. Live meetings are an integral part of our business. When a prospect (or distributor for that matter) hears live testimonials, and can attach their feelings to not only words, but a visual, living, breathing ‘real’ person, it helps this career to more viable, truthful, and doable. And it’s so easy for someone to ‘hang up’ the phone before they’ve heard that one nugget that they really needed to hear, but may have not done so, if they had hung up.

    Live meetings are awesome – not only informational, they are great for mingling with like-minded people; and to reaffirm our own beliefs of what we do, why we do it, and that everyone has good day, and the undeniable bad day.

    Good post Randy!

  4. Hi Randy,
    I´m a adept of the attraction marketing here in Brazil and i love to use the internet, even do make relationships.
    But i have to agree with you. There is no better way to grow our business than presential meetings.
    I do attrack A LOT of people using internet, but then i want to sent everyone to a real meeting, where we can build a true friendship.
    Thanks for your article.
    Best wishes from Brazil.

    Tiago C. Simões

  5. Hey Randy – Yes, I do agree with you meetings and live events are critical. People and distributors always need to be “re sold” on their business….I like to do both.

    Generate leads with an on line system. But, then you do have to pick up the phone and build relationships – AND plug into events.

    Those that plug themselves and their teams into events see incredible growth.

    So, there is place for both – on line doesn’t replace events. . . events and meetings are critical to building a long term business..

    Thanks for all you do Randy – I love reading your articles!

    Jill Yacobucci

  6. The Lone Ranger loves sitting at home in his bunny slippers with spurs. If he or she is any good on the phone they will build a first level business that is huge. That level will not even duplicate itself and there will be NO third level… ok one, maybe. The selling shovels mentality requires a lot of work and employees in the dozens to make it work effectively. The residual is next to zero as well. When people are stuck in a ‘job’ mentality the quickest way to separate them from their money is with the opportunity to wear bunny slippers.

    I have been to events that rocked my world, that made my head spin, that forever organized my life before that weekend and my life after. Those events have colored my experience of many of the others that make events no fun. HOWEVER even the worst event, where only a few hundred or less appear, with no A/C and giant monster months with one foot wing spans swooping the ‘crowd’ and the rain pounding out more noise through open windows than the broken sound system can overcome produces an experience that still works! There is an energy that excites and touches people that no web site will ever be able to reproduce.

    A well done and well produced event makes a difference in everyone who attends. Learning the skills necessary to put on an event may be the most needed teaching in the profession. [Hint] When an event ‘rocks’ peoples world finding people to attend the next one is ten times easier and if that event does the same or better the fun really begins.

  7. Normally I agree with you Randy not in this case I am sorry…. Numbers are numbers and the game has just changed on how affordable communication has become!

      1. People who treat others as numbers will rarely retain their organisation in the long run. People are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. People are NOT numbers!

  8. In Asia, we have to do events. The internet connection here is from the stone age, about 1/3 the population still have no clue how to use computers, AND there’s no such thing as 3-way calls. Plus people love events & gatherings! Especially when a rocksta like Randy Gage is headlining it! 🙂

  9. Hi Randy,

    I partially agree with you. Though taking action and doing event is a must , I do not undermine the importance of having the right and prosperous attitude – which can include watching The Secret movie also 100 times .Most of the people work like donkeys but still they do not have the right or the prosperous attitude in life – and they never attract money or success as their minds are programmed in a negative way since childhood.

    i believe having a prosperous attitude will count 90% to your success – the balance 10% is all about the massive action which you need to take. and of course live events are an integral part of that !!

  10. Hey Randy
    The gathering of poeple is the best way to build groups, to know some new persons,
    to study useful values and to feel belong to the big group of the MLMer, and to the humen being. we are social creatures and need to asociate to each other.

  11. I still believe that meetings/events are still the great tools to build a group that would last for a long time. I have a weekly meeting that has been running for the last 3 and a half years. Same venue, same time. Even if there’s a typhoon, people still go there. It is a part of their routine. Last week, we had a more than 200 people in the venue. It generated a lot of excitement. This is how I survived the recession and some other problems! Consistency and getting in front of your people to inspire them and assure them that no matter what, you are there to lead them!

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