The Power of Thought

Happy Monday!  I hope you’re having a great one.  I know I sure am.  Which is pretty funny when you think about it…

The vast majority of the herd actually hates Mondays, because that is the day they “have” to go back to work.  I “get” to go to work.  Big difference.  That’s not just a word.  It’s the way I think.

I don’t know how many time zones I have been through the last few weeks, but it is a lot.  People ask me often how I handle jet lag.  My answer is always the same.  I choose not to participate in it!

Now two weeks ago I did six countries in six days.  And I won’t lie to you: that was hard on my body.  But the events I had were so good.  I got to “taproot” down in depth and help new leaders develop, so it all seemed worth it.

How you think about things makes a very profound difference in how they turn out for you.

Do you ever make a presentation expecting to be turned down?  Do you ever approach someone expecting to get rejected?  Do you expect your business to succeed or expect it to fail?

Give it some thought and please share your thoughts below.


22 thoughts on “The Power of Thought

  1. Randy, I’m so glad you wrote this post. You hit the nail right on the head for me.

    In the last 2 weeks, I showed my company DVD to 2 people. One is a young Russian man and the other is a Chinese woman. Both showed some interest in the information, they didn’t say no.

    But the emotion/feeling I felt said, “he’s not going to sign up.” “He’s going to say no.” Etc.

    I’m struggling with this so very much. I know how to do the basic things in my NM business. I can go out and talk to prospects and get names and numbers, sit myself down and make the calls, book the appointments, show up on time, follow up. But I get this feeling after an appointment that the prospect is going to say no.

    HOW/WHAT do I do to get to a better place? What do I tell myself? I think this is my biggest obstacle because the other activities (prospecting, working prospect list, following up) are fairly simple (not easy) but this mind set of expecting/believing that someone, somewhere will sign up is killing me.

    What did you tell yourself to help you change your mindset so that you expected/believed that your prospect would sign up?

  2. I still have those thoughts before a presentation or appt or phone call but I make a part of my preparation to include some affirmation – I can do this, I have had success even when I feel this way, he or she won’t say no…..I’m hoping the day will come soon when I don’t have the negative thoughts.

  3. When you love what you do, then monday feels like Saturday, then the next days is “Saturday” – so the entire week becomes: Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday ,Saturday, and then Sunday. Then the week starts all over again with another Saturday!

  4. This is really the heart of the matter. “As a man thinketh, so is he.” Until we learn to control our thoughts at the subconscious level, we will continue to do all the outward parts right, but fail in the end.

    If we expect to be turned down, based on past experience or whatever, our propects are only too happy to pick up on the signal we’re putting out.

    Great post, Randy! Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Such truth to those words!! This has been one of my biggest struggles…but I’m working on it! And your daily “kick in the pants” helps! Getting out of my own way…..have a Marvelous Monday everyone!

  6. I always expect to succeed. And if someone doesn’t ‘get it’ in either products/service or opportunity, I feel bad for them – their loss! I definitely am not part of the herd and never dread Mondays!

  7. Greetings Randy,

    Yes I GET to do my work on Mondays.
    Of course I do not have far to go to work either. I just walk downstairs to my home office.

    I expect to be successful whether someone that see my presentation says yes or no.
    Like you have said, “It is all in how you think”

    Be Blessed,


  8. Hey Randy,

    What we expect to get out of our prospecting determines our attitude. If we expect to be defeated we will, because we’ve already accepted it as fact, and our entire attitude will be of hopelessness. And when we communicate this hopelessness to the prospect through our body language, of course they are going to say No.

    Expectations determine your attitude.

    Thanks for a great post,

  9. Dear Randy:

    Right now, I’m fighting, particularly as I am so stopped in my business, I’m seriously considering whether the Network marketing is for me or not. If only I could be a consumer of the excellent products of my company or if I can one day be a great networker. So far I can not know if I dno’t fit for the Network Marketing or if my business requires me to grow more and so give me another chance, and change my way of thinking. How can I know if I fit for netwrok marketing? I read your book, “How to build a multilevel money machine”, chapter 2, where you mention the similarities of people who engage in Network marketing, I think I agree on that profile. I’ve also read Chapter 15, where you mention how difficult it was for you, in your first few years, where you spent hours lamenting (as I am doing now), seeing only the problems and difficulties. Am I just think: 1) to earn oney, 2) to earn money and 3) to earn money and so I’m hitting the wall? Sometimes, I think, that only some people are destined for greatness in Network marketing, I wish I could know if I could be one of them or not, so do not waste time on an impossible dream. I have this doubt.
    The contradictory of all, I like helping people, I want financial freedom to enjoy with my family, mareting Network is what I want to live. I do not know what I’m missing, but I know that something is missing! Perhaps more positive attitudes. I see the big networkers like beings living in a different world, as beings from another planet, elusive! I’m leaving to believe! Could you help? What can I read? Thanks Gabriel Suarez

    1. Check out my new book, “Making the First Circle Work.” It’s inexpensive, short, but really the crux of how to create duplication. They have it here on the site in the store.


  10. Dear Randy,
    Thanks so much for the insight and knowledge you impart. As a matter of fact, as I read your article ‘ KILLING DOUBT’, it seemed very much as if that was directed to me.
    More often than not,I do have that thought of FEAR/DOUBT in my mind,that the prospect I was going to meet will turn me down,and when I get turned down,I do dwell so much on the disappointment.
    This is the greatest problem I am facing now and I would like to something about it.

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