Growing Yourself

Congratulations.  Many of you ordered my Money Machine Book or the Duplication Nation album after the last post.  I’m glad to see you’re serious about learning.  Now please continue that in the self-development arena…

Because you need to be a student in both areas – learning the profession of network marketing, and growing yourself as a person.  And this ultimately may be the most important area.

Because as you grow you become.  As you become you act.  And as you act you manifest.  So celebrate the journey!


7 thoughts on “Growing Yourself

  1. Hello Randy,
    Just started reading today, just in chapter 2, and alraedy some things have become clear to me. My company just introduced the preferred customer approach, and reading the 2nd chapter suddenly gave me understanding to what it is. So i say to myself, ” i had better read and read again so i get the very best from this book.”


  2. Hey Randy,

    As jJim Rohn said “success come to the person you become”, and if you want to get more money you have to be come more able.We need to work on self development, when we want to be better, we have to learn from the best

  3. What’s the difference between the $1000 a year earner and the 100k a year earner and the 100k a month earner? SKILLS.
    It’s all about skills

    The great thing about skills is they can be learned. Network marketing is not about talent. I have seen a lot of very talented people never make a dime in MLM. I have seen a lot of committed people make very little money. At least committed people will stay actively doing something until they figure it out or get lucky. And yes luck has a lot to do with it, but you make your luck with activity.
    Have you heard the saying “potential minus commitment equals nothing”

    Skills are what holds most back from really making this thing pop. To be the best baseball player you must practice. Practice the wrong skills and you are still a bad ball player with bad skills. Skills are what separates the major league player from the AA or the AAA players.

    If you focused learning the art of prospecting and practiced every day, do you think you could become a master prospector?

    If you practiced the art of asking questions do you think you could become a master communicator?

    If you combine the commitment to learn the skills you need to build a large network marketing business and your commitment to do the activity needed. You will be making the 100K a year then a month and maybe even a week.

    Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes you better. Practice the SKILLS and I will see you at the TOP.

  4. One way I celebrate my journey is by making a scrapbook of the year’s activities and accomplishments (on my computer with digital photos) then have it printed. (And scrapbooks are NOT my MLM’s product!). The physical book helps make the past year’s accomplishments- many of them intangible- tangible.

  5. My relations with network marketing were a bit different, upside down :-).
    13 years ago I‘ve being working for some time in one NLM company
    (as interpreter, not distributor).
    That time I thought that network marketing is one of the most
    hideous things that ever have been invented :-).

    I thought that synonyms for MLM are:
    legal, but pyramid business,
    too expensive products,
    inevitable lie to poor little clients 🙂 when inviting them to presentation,
    inevitable necessity to work with the terrible cold market :-),
    enthusiastic hysteria instead of cold reasoning.

    Then, for some years I have being studying, interesting and practicing
    in philosophy and psychology.

    It helped me to break the wall of my “understanding” of MLM,
    and to get more realistic, I hope, point of view at MLM industry.

    Now I see it as:
    alternative and very prospective economy approach,
    growing economy,
    less resources consuming economy,
    distributor is respectable, well paid, honest, responsible, qualified profession,
    less time and efforts consuming occupation,
    chance and necessity (!, 🙂 ) to make friends all over the world,
    honest job,
    and many other positive features
    that are well known to MLM professionals.

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