Don’t Confuse Simple with Easy

Love the discussion on the last post on the benefits of struggle.  You guys checked in with some great insights.  Now let’s go a little deeper…

Yes we want to embrace challenges because they are the stepping stones that allow us to build character, develop new skills, and become the leader you are meant to be.

But don’t confuse the issue.  The business isn’t easy.  It’s not supposed to be.  But it is simple.

To reach the first level of success, you need to become proficient in four skill sets:
•    Meeting people
•    Working a candidate list
•    Inviting
•    Follow up

That’s simple.  But not easy.  But if you are willing to do the work, developing those skills is certainly attainable.

So how you doing on that?  Are you doing the hard work to learn the simple skills?


21 thoughts on “Don’t Confuse Simple with Easy

  1. • Meeting people- Rate myself a 10.
    • Working a candidate list- Rate myself a 8.
    • Inviting- Getting better, maybe a 7.
    • Follow up-My weakness. I really need to work on this one. Give myself a 6.

  2. But don’t confuse the issue. The business isn’t easy. It’s not supposed to be. But it is simple.
    It is simple if you have a mindset of prosperity and you have learned the skills.
    The hardest part for me has been letting go of “suffering” and just plain a challenge.

  3. When you have a mentorship team that have already built the systems for success, it is simple. The hard part is the discipline to master then teach the system daily. I love your blog and look forward to your mentorship.

  4. Randy, you .

    Learn these 4 skills or be like the airplane pilot who does not learn
    1. Take off,
    2. flight path navigation,
    3. in-flight operation of plane, and
    4. Landing.
    Do you want to hire such pilot?

    Four skills easy to learn, easy not to learn. Learning and using proper skills brings success and freedom, not learning or applying brings crash and burn.

    Who can swim or bike without learning the skills first?

    So simple but so ignored


  5. Simple, not easy. I think another important attribute to that list would be consistency. It is not just doing the 4 steps, it is consistently doing those 4 steps. Sometimes the results come quickly, often it takes time to develop!


  6. Hey Randy,

    evrrybody can learn and aquere more and more skills .
    The MLMnetworking is not complicated, but it;s not easy.
    We have to invest more and more time and work for to
    become proffessional and get achievements.
    the most importent thing is :”

    about anybody can learn to market at school. What you’ve got
    to do is learn how to handle people and you’ve got to be straight and
    honest because if you’re honest you can take people a little bit for
    the rest of their life. If you’re dishonest, you take them one time,
    they wise up. If you give them a fair market value…the only way to
    do it is be honest”.glenn

  7. The first three are in growth mode for me. I have distinctions related to each and dozens of insights I can share and support people with. Follow-up is a glaring weakness of mine. Not that I don’t follow-up, not that I don’t know how and not that I don’t have success in this area. The trouble with follow up for me is it feels funny; I experience an awkwardness about me that has the tone shift when I am doing it. When it works follow-up is where completion lives, it is what lands the plane!

    The breakdown in follow-up is always in the previous conversation. Successful follow-ups are created while you are talking with someone now… and it feels odd to me to set up an appointment to speak again while we are talking now. I am missing something or have a rule I need to change that triggers the uncomfortableness in me and in the conversation. When it happens organically, when it isn’t forced it creates certainty in everyone involved. When done poorly or as a tactic it produces an erratic array of discontent and the plane frequently lands dangerously close to a crash… or not at all.

    Thank you for helping me identify the issue. Over the next few weeks I will begin to experience insights that if put into use, if shared appropriately, will put follow-up in growth mode as well.

  8. We all should continue to “Sharpen the Saw”…
    “Work harder on yourself than you do on your business”-Jim Rohn

    Since this is a T.E.A.M. business, play to your strengths and sponsor your weaknesses while you work on them. If you sponsor someone who is great at inviting, and that is your weakness, work closely with them and learn.

    We all have much to give and much to learn in life.

    If you’re going to work at something, why not work at something that has a mechanism for wealth…



  9. Attaining the skill sets is simple. I’m doing well in the 4 areas. However, I was not always consistent. I agree with Ron that consistency of purpose is what you must conquer. Remain consistent in your efforts and your skills will only get better.

  10. Yes that is the big thing. Its about investing in my future. I am learning and applying the skills and being willing not to be perfect. I appreciate that I have a strong team, I am in constant learning mode.

  11. What you said turned a light bulb on in my head. It isn’t easy, I think a lot of people can’t figure out the first one. How to meet people but there are lots of ways. On and offline. I believe the problem for most lies in the fact that when the meet people they bring their business up way too soon.

    Robbie Johnson

  12. Yes iam, the business is not easy, but simple. Am willing to do the work to develop the skills. Thanks, i appreciate YOU Randy.

  13. “I think another important attribute to that list would be consistency. It is not just doing the 4 steps, it is consistently doing those 4 steps.”
    How much is it true?

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