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Securing a Line, Part 2

Last post we talked about teaching your people how to get through the process of learning the basic skill sets.   Continue reading “Securing a Line, Part 2”

Securing a Line, Part 1

People talk a lot about building lines.  But what about securing them?  That’s when you have true passive income and financial security.  So let’s look at how you do that… Continue reading “Securing a Line, Part 1”

Being Open for Prosperity

I’m delighted to see your response on the last post about being called.  It’s good to know that you take the privilege seriously and understand the responsibility that comes with it.  So let me ask you something else… Continue reading “Being Open for Prosperity”

You’ve Been Called

I have a belief about our business.  I believe that what we do is important.  Very important.  Yes we help people win free trips, drive bonus cars and make money.  But that isn’t the biggest thing we do… Continue reading “You’ve Been Called”

Supercharge Your Results

In the last post we talked about how you stay productive.  I’d like to share some other thoughts on how you supercharge your duplication and results… Continue reading “Supercharge Your Results”

Getting Better Productivity

Last post we looked at the core activities that grow your network.  (Some great discussion going there, so check it out of you hasn’t already.)  Giving people a first look, bringing them into a bigger meeting, using local meetings to feed the major events, and then counseling to keep it all on track.   Continue reading “Getting Better Productivity”

How You Build a Large, Successful Network

Recently Tony Rush posted an article dealing with the probability of success in Network Marketing.  He related a story about having a conversation with a friend of his about the business.   Continue reading “How You Build a Large, Successful Network”

Burn Baby, Burn!

“We didn’t start the fire…”  Remember that song from Billy Joel?  There’s a powerful lesson there for network marketers.   Continue reading “Burn Baby, Burn!”

Five Nights a Week

Want to really blow up your business?  Work it five nights a week.  Sounds crazy, I know… Continue reading “Five Nights a Week”

The Second Thing for Your Bedroom

Ok last week I asked you to keep a prosperity manifestation map in your bedroom, so you see it every morning first thing, and every evening before you go to sleep.  Now let’s talk about the second thing to keep there… Continue reading “The Second Thing for Your Bedroom”

What Makes a Champion

What is takes to becomes a champion transcends sports or any business.  There are certain things that cross all boundaries.  I believe in the case of a true champion, your team plays better because you’re on the field. Continue reading “What Makes a Champion”

Keeping Your Dream in Front of You

Of all the jobs and businesses in the world, ours maybe more than any other runs on the power of dreams.  And keeping your dream in front of you every day is vital. Continue reading “Keeping Your Dream in Front of You”

Touching Hearts Vs. Convincing Minds

One of the biggest breakthroughs you’ll ever get in the business is when you realize it isn’t just about disseminating information.  If that’s all it took, all you would have to do would be handing out DVDs at the shopping mall.   This was a tough lesson for me to learn… Continue reading “Touching Hearts Vs. Convincing Minds”

Are You a “Rock Star?”

Yes we have some “MLM Rock Stars” in the business.  Sad to say, we have a lot more “MLM grinders.”  Do you really know the difference? Continue reading “Are You a “Rock Star?””

Making a Difference

So the media is showcasing the widespread mourning after the death of Coach John Wooden.  Here was a man that was simply a basketball coach, but yet left a legacy that will long outlive most.  Because of who he was.   And what a wonderful lesson there is in this for us… Continue reading “Making a Difference”