Supercharge Your Results

In the last post we talked about how you stay productive.  I’d like to share some other thoughts on how you supercharge your duplication and results…

Your first priority is to enroll business builders.  The key is not to enroll a couple, then try to manage them to success.  That’s a recipe for certain disaster.  You need to have enough people to get traction.  Here’s what I recommend:

Keep sponsoring until you have four growing lines.  Now if you have to ask if you have four growing lines – you don’t.

You’re looking to have enough people that chase after you, keeping your evenings busy.  If you don’t have that now, keep sponsoring until you do.

P.S.  And when you find at least six or more people as good as you or better – you’re done!  Over a period of time, duplication will kick in and you will have a true residual income.


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17 thoughts on “Supercharge Your Results

  1. So True, The best way to lead your team is to go out and do it youself. Holding the wrong persons hand will slow you down. Keep on Blogging Randy. You have great trainings.

  2. P.S. And when you find at least six or more people as good as you or better – you’re done! Over a period of time, duplication will kick in and you will have a true residual income
    thanks Randy.

    Could you retired now and receive your same income for the next 5 years?

    1. No I don’t think so, since I have an organization that is still developing. I think I would hold about 80% of the income if I stopped today, because I have a number of new lines.


      1. thanks Randy. You are the only person who doesn’t sugar coat the business. You tell us- 1)First I need to have a prosperity mindset.2)I need to learn the skills on how to prospect and present the business. 3)I need to have a system in place for duplication. 4)I need to created a self-sustaining culture.
        And it is going to take 5 years or more to achieve those results.

  3. Randy, I totally agree. Once again you are right on! I have found that if you sell people into your business you have to keep selling them to CONTINUE the business. Who has the time or energy for that?

  4. Randy,

    Finding your six is the story. Some have lived in a way that when they find what they are looking for can call their six best friends and say “Give me your credit card, it will cost you $1000 and we are going into business together.” Because birds are of a feather they also have a list of best friends ready and waiting for the same ‘presentation.’ Then they go to work…

    The rest of us, who were taught to work like the Lone Ranger (without even Tonto), must do it the one person a time method. The learning curve eats up many too. While times have changed for the better, Bill Britt’s first 10 years in the industry are a useful guide.

    Over his first 10 years he invited around 18,000 to look at his business. That works out to around 40 new people 50 weeks a year for 10 years. He was the manager of Charlotte NC at the time and likely someone difficult to say no to. There was no internet, DVD and not even VHS yet. Less than 20% took his invitation to look at his business, either over a table at a waffle house or a weekly meeting. Fewer than 20% who looked joined him in his business proposition and many who did quit in their first three months.

    Over the 10 years he enrolled 621 into Amway and 304 stayed. 10% or 62 built a business that generated at least $500 a month. Eleven built businesses that made him rich and THREE others each made him millions.

    How long it takes to find your six, one week or five years, it will still require a kind of commitment that supports all of those who come after you. I think THAT may be the stuff dreams are made of.


  5. Hey Randy Gage.

    Sometime we have to delegate roles to the people as good as us or better.
    A good leader has to qualify some people that can duplicate him, and continue
    to go on in the path that he has began to go/

  6. Randy i wamt to use this opportunity to thank you for this program .Your newsletters has change my life.I am from nigeria and all the top distributors don’t care about creating a system.I am try to creat one for my team.Pls assist me in any way possible

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