You’ve Been Called

I have a belief about our business.  I believe that what we do is important.  Very important.  Yes we help people win free trips, drive bonus cars and make money.  But that isn’t the biggest thing we do…

The biggest things we do are give people their dreams back.  Help them develop self-confidence.  And get free.

Remember that the next time you’re discouraged.  What you do matters.

Here’s what else I believe…

God doesn’t call the equipped.  He equips the called.  And you have been called….


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27 thoughts on “You’ve Been Called

  1. “God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called.” – Great truth. 🙂
    But who is the One, who is calling? It is the highest note of our being, our soul, by whom the process of calling is self-initiated.

    1. Tunde,

      Truth is not subjective, it is universal. If the source is within, then it is little more than opinion unless it lines up with the universal truth outside the one seeking.

      Is your intellect the highest note of your being?

  2. Greetings Randy,

    You are right on point.

    As a matter of fact Today I posted the following on my facebook page:

    “It is GREAT to Dream. It is GREATER to do the steps necessary to make your dreams become your reality”
    Do you have the right pathway to follow? I can help!

    The above is what keeps me from becoming discouraged.

    And YES – God has and does each day, equip me as I am called.

    Be Blessed,


  3. I have decided that the 2 biggest reasons more people don’t join network marketing is fear and disbelief! Maybe it is a calling!

    Thanks to Randy for always telling the honest-to-God TRUTH!! After all, it is the truth which makes us free.

  4. Thank you Randy. The question I have been answering all this last week is, “What is the question to which your life is the answer?” I am finding more fun in each day with every new answer (question) to that question.

  5. How true Randy. We have been called by God – our father. He gave us these tools so we can help others dream and be alive. Freedom is here for the taking.

  6. Randy, that is absolutely perfect in your timing. This message about ” being called” came at the right time because I had just been rebuffed from a person who needs help in his life and would benefit hugely from NWM.

  7. Love it! “God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called. And you have been called”…. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  8. Great Randy
    Real we have been called in this business, and what matters most is to know our calling and to do the calling…… served to serve

  9. Great Randy

    It is matter of fact to ponder on this. We have been called to be in this business. What matters most is to know our calling and act accordingly. …. served to serve

    God Bless Richly

  10. Yes! For me, I am called to be of service to my fellowmen who wants to have a better life. I am happy with what I am doing now. Thanks for this opportunity! I found my calling.

  11. God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called. And you have been called…. That is so true..Thank you for the remind…We are so blessed to have such a GREAT LEADER like you who believe in us..

  12. Hey Randy Gage.

    I’ve Been Called.
    God want you to be reach and to make your dream come truth.
    Beilieve in the Law of Attracion, and activate the technic from the
    movie “The Secret” which is,according to the saying of Joe Vitale, in his ebook:
    “1.Know what you don’t want.
    2.Select what you do want.
    3.Clear all negative or limiting believe.
    4.Feel what it would be like to have, do or be what you want.
    5.Let go. Acton your intuitive impulse and allow the results to manifest.”
    http:www.Beyond Marketing by Dr. Joe Vitale.

    so you can be do and get anything you want, anything is possible, and all the dreams ‘ will come to be reality.

  13. Thanks! Really needed to be reminded of this truth today.
    Have a great event in Barcelona.
    Blessings! Jose

  14. Thank´s Randy

    That was definitely worth to share with us.
    All we have to do now I guess,
    is to share it with some more people around us.
    We need quite a few more people to be called.
    …and it´s a pleasure to read your post.


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