Being Open for Prosperity

I’m delighted to see your response on the last post about being called.  It’s good to know that you take the privilege seriously and understand the responsibility that comes with it.  So let me ask you something else…

Are you ready for the prosperity that comes along when you do it right?  I mean really ready?

Do you believe you are worthy of abundance?  Are you ready to accept it?  A lot of people believe prosperity is finite or limited.  They think that for them to become successful, someone else has to lose out. And while that may be true in many corporate environments, it’s not true in our business and in true prosperity.

If you haven’t ever watched my Prosperity TV channel on YouTube, I strongly suggest you do.  Pay special attention to my last video, which answers the question, “can everyone be rich?”  Check it out here:

Then let me know what you think.


15 thoughts on “Being Open for Prosperity

  1. Your questions are sometimes more powerful than your answers. While I am open to prosperity, old programming of lack from my family,church and society are still running..
    “I don’t deserved to be wealthy because I was not a good enough son for my dad.”

    1. -Enrique,

      I suffered from the same problem.

      Now let’s get rid of it forever!

      Sit down in a quiet place do some deep slow breathing, in threw the nose out threw the mouth.

      OK now we are going to turn on a super computer it looks somewhat like a regular computer but the screen is the same as sitting in an IMAX theater. Got that? Good.

      Next is the keyboard. It’s the same size as the keyboard that you use. The difference is that it’s only has 2 keys that take up the entire keyboard and they are lit up. One key is RED and the other is GREEN. Got that? Good.

      Now Play the movie of you and your father just like you remember and feel the emotions that go along with it. When the movie is over thank him for the lessons that he was trying to teach you no matter how screwed-up they may have been.

      Now ask yourself “Am I ready to release those thoughts and feeling or do I want to hold on to them?”

      The rest is up to you Push the RED button to keep the programming OR push the GREEN button to delete the old programming.


  2. -RG,

    Yes, I’m worthy of abundance and I’m ready to accept it.

    But that’s not good enough. You see we need to create a “Tipping Point” around abundance. To do that we must have about 20% of the people ready for the same. Then it will snowball.

    Keep posting and Tweeting messages like this so that a shift can be made.

    We are all connected.


  3. It is very hard for some to know they deserve prosperity and we need to get them to a place where they understand that they can have it.

    Taken me a long time to do law of attraction for prosperity and it can be alot of fun and I have been at the poverty mentality level also and know it is not much fun!

    I do love having choices that prosperity can put in your life and I am hoping I can bring in a little more so I can help children in need in a bigger way than I am doing now.

    Thank you very much for all you do to bring about this change in mindset.


  4. Randy, I know everyone can be rich, even if the current ‘pie’ were sliced evenly. The likelihood of it turning rapidly into what already is in place is nearly 100% But heck lets give it shot… The quote that I like is “A rising tide floats all boats.” We are the coming tide!

    The key I think is instead of all the psychological investigations into why and family trauma … lots of blame and sadness in those conversations… The question that I have been using the last couple weeks is “WHAT is the question to which YOUR life is the answer?” There is no single answer, not for me at least, and the more I keep this in front of me or on a 3×5 card to read I realize the error of much of my troubles during the day.

    Trouble of one sort or another appears [always a function of something I once thought was important.] and when I look at it through, is this the question I am here to answer…. MANY NO’s… I have found some I am here to answer.

    Same as you.

  5. Hey RG,

    This is such a profound question to ask oneself. Once asked and answered appropriately it can open a whole new world to you!

    Great question and I will be checking out your video!

    Mary Thayer

  6. Great post, as usual.

    Yes, I do deserve prosperity. No, my wealth does not detract from someone else’s wealth.

    I truly believe these statements on a conscious level. I think I’m still working to get the subconscious to be congruent. If it was, I would be seeing it manifest more in my life, although it is beginning and the more it happens the more my subconscious believes what my conscious already knows.

    Live with passion and purpose,

  7. Dear Randy,
    Yes,am open for prosperity.It takes commitment and focus to achieve this.
    I have not yet reached a level of prosperity but I have made a big change.
    Thank you for your wise emails.


  8. Hey Randy Gage’
    Anyone who want to be rich and to become walth and prosperous, has to give much values to to many people. The more values you give, the more wealth you get.
    The values and products which you give ,has to be exactly thesame wich the people want and need.
    : There is no magic formula to getting rich.
    Success in any wealth-building or business opportunity can
    only be achieved through proper and rigorous research, and
    plain, old-fashioned hard work.
    The wealth and richness composed of money and some more capitales. I sent a article which was published about the mony, Here is the translation of this article:
    The realistic value and price of the money
    and the effect on the economic activity in the economy. The money was created due to you agreed the company to use in him as a means of for payment on the products and the facilities Lsogihm.bazrt the use in the money of the economy Mshtcllt the possibility of the purchase and the sale of the products, management of the commerce and the economic activity Bmshk.arcm of the products and the facilities are detectable to commercialize an exchange is measured according to single financial. Before the invention of the use in the money, commerce of the exchange takes place by an exchange of product in the other similar product him Barco.shitt this exchange that is called Brtr, is clumsy Lmdi.adm that runs to exchange a product that in his authority to the product that he need him, at times did not find an other person is interested in his product and there is in his possession the required product Lmtsia the deal of the exchange, and this thing of your fiber Ohiksha on editing of the commerce. In the first period of the use in the money was attached his value according to yardstick of expensive metals for example from rockets of gold or the metal of money. Around a year of 1930, was canceled the linkage of value of the money Lmtili the gold, and his value was attached to the raw gdp Htl”g, to the rule of the products in the economy, or to the stable other factors of the unit of the money serves in the estimation of price of the product. The financial assets in the economy are compound from coins and bills, obligations to the payments of money, for example bags, bills, bonds, transfers of accountants of bankers and assets Nzilim given/allowed easily to convert them to the money of cash. The political bank of bank Yshralmnpik the money of the cash and more assets of monies. Also inspector on activity of the banks Shbmshk.hbnkim the commercial they are organizations of details that helpers are relevant the monies to the targets of the production of Rwhim.hbnk of the state of inspector and balance activity of the banks, and on sum of amount of the money in the cycle and on frequency of the financial deals of cycle of the money in the range of agreed time. Accumulateds a depositor in the commercial banks of the financial assets and money in the deposits in the interest payments in the conditions and chapters of defined times Mrash.hbnk guard in his safess percent certain screen of the deposits and part of them deposits in the bank Hmdinh.lpi collects those deposits of the bank executes loans, giving of credit and deals Cspiot.ahoz the deposits that is guarded in the bank calls a relation of the reserve, and we will set by the bank of the state. The borrowers from the banks of users by those loans as method of payment, this increase call from double of the deposits that causes to the increase of cycle of the monies in the economy and to the multiplicity in his amount to the expansion Moni Tarit. In the economic crisis happens that the depositors lose their confidence in the banks Omotsiaimcl their deposits. This situation liable to cause the bankruptcies of the banks and collapse of the economy Bmshk.bnk the state gives a financial backup to the banks in order that will be able to stand in their obligations to the depositors. In the authority of this bank to issue additional money to the cycle according to his discretion of director of the bank and in the consultation with the government. This party of bank of the state of inspector on activity of the banks by enlargement or reduction of lesson of the interest to the money by the loans that they receive from him, imposes on them as tried financial, on deviation from policy of management of the financial deals and from percent relation of the reserve that is allowable in the economy. Percent low of reserves in the banks call a deficit Hrzrbot.bmtsbi economic intensified activity, the banks tend to execute financial deals that yield to them profit and to prefer percent reserves Nmoh.bmtsb like this is the banks approve more loans and credit that in his deposited part in the banks Nospimt action like this causes the enlargement of the money and the assets of the monies to the monetary additional expansion in the economy. In the conditions of economic slowdown of the banks prefer to guard on surplus by the reserves. The banks Mtsmtsmimat extent of the deals Hcspiot.dbr this amplify the slowdown by the economy of the economy and to the economic recession. Mtpkdio of the political bank to balance the economic activity in the economy and to bring her to the optimal situation. 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Fluidity of the money, multiplicity of amount of the deals of increase in the periodicity Hcsp.goba earnings of the upper medium deciles also constitute a factor Mshpia.gidol in the earnings bring to the increase by the expenses, to the demand to the consumers grow of products and as a result from it additional amplification of the economic activity in the economy, to the rise in the price of the products and the services Hnrcshim, to the descent in the ability of the purchase of single the money, rise approximately the index per month and to the economic inflation. were cultivated the demand to the money Hnzil is influenced also from amount of the money supply that in the cycle, from the nominal prices, that they are the realistic prices in the addition percent the inflation of rule of the products and the facilities to their types Bmshk.hbnk the political balance of those situations in the economy, by the little either enlargement of the monetary expansion in the economy, that causes to the inflation, or in the situation Hpop to the deflation and change forcibly the purchase, approximately the realistic of the money. There are additional factors that influence also they on : Mhirotshl cycle of the money, the rise of the index, rise or descent in the currency’s value and in his price, lesson of the interest. Those sources influence and are influenced from the money market and also economic mutual in the world and in the commerce and in the economy of other states approximately their coin were cultivated of percent the financial deals that become in the gray market Ohshhor.oaod cause. Was returned off ” http : / / / article / 73712 / the real value and the price that to be missed and the financial assets in the economy ” (

  9. Ready Willing and Able. I know that with every new experience is a learning experience, and now that I have started to really move in the right direction, I am excited when I have experiences that used to stump me.

    I share myself openly and willingly. I open my hear, but even more importantly I open my eyes and my ears!

  10. Of course the rich guy may be the one with tools and thinking that make a difference to the bad things that appear.
    Concearning the movies we can mention Batman ,
    Bond or even the old ones “The Sting” which is my favorite movie seen > 30 times. When Hooker and Gandorf pickpock Lonnegan they get ammunition to even squeese out the big money from Lonnegan and even more important destroy the roumor of L as a Big Shot controlling everything on the “Dark Side” in Chicago.

    Our Swedish pocket hero naval officer Carl Hamilton who is growned up as a count and by smart real estate business make an huge fortune.
    He was trained by the CIA at the Navy Seals in San Diego and Ridgecrest Nevada during 4 years to be a murder machine in the Swedish secret service during the spy war against Russia and later on the Italian maffia and Israels terror actions. recommend “Cog Rouge”

    We have also the magnificent “Millenium” books by Stieg Larsson which commence in my neighburhood.
    Its about a tiny little girl who is a unbelivable computer hacker and researcher who steal billions of swedish coronas of a giant media gangster and the story is oh , awesome. You should all get a copy of them (triology) and read from what happens in one of the most peaceful countrys in our world today.

    Great blogs Randy I am really inspired by the journey through prosperity .

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