Securing a Line, Part 1

People talk a lot about building lines.  But what about securing them?  That’s when you have true passive income and financial security.  So let’s look at how you do that…

You may have heard that you don’t leave a line until it’s three levels deep, or five levels deep. If you’re in a breakaway compensation plan, you may have heard you don’t leave the line until they break away.  In fact, you should never really leave a line, unless you are retiring.

Instead of leaving lines, change your role…

With new lines you’re involved in the day-to-day building of the line.  You’re helping guide your new team member learn and apply basic skill sets such as meeting people, working a candidate list, inviting and follow-up.  You rotate the pattern until they become proficient in all four areas.

At this point you’ve made yourself no longer necessary for them to recruit.  This is a huge step in the development of the line, and a leap forward for duplication.  And this is the first thing you must do in order to be able to secure lines.

So how are you doing on this?  Please check in and next post we’ll explore the other roles you’ll need to evolve to.  If you haven’t subscribed to the blog, you can do that where you see the blue box on the right.  Then you’ll always get a notice when the next post is up.


8 thoughts on “Securing a Line, Part 1

  1. This is excellent. Randy one can’t help but appreciate your willngness to share and give us time tested almost paint by the #s approach to building a successful organization. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Randy:

    Do you keep working on a line until you find a leader in depth?I have heard say that if you sponsor someone, the person you sponsor is responsible for the person they sponsor.

  3. Hey Randy Gage,
    Agood leader has to give a model, to teach his team how to duplicate the system.
    Yuo are a good leader for all your team,because you teach them by posts in your blog, videos in you tube, ebooks,CDes, and toy are tarvel to far countrys to give advices and guide where it is need.
    A good leader has to qualify some good persons like him to be leaders in the way he is leading.

  4. Greetings Randy,

    Great message.

    While it is always necessary to be in Phase 1 ( Piquing interest, Presentation, follow up with Plan of Action) to build your team…….

    Developing those you have already is just as important, as you say.

    When that is focused on, you then are helping those develop their team.

    When an individual truly feels a part of the whole and has ownership of what they are building You and Them have true residual income stream.

    The only way for your business to grow away from you in this industry is to develop others for their success so you don’t have to be the ONE.

    Love your posts, as they excite the imagination and instruct others how to truly Win in this industry, IF, those who read begin to apply.

    Be Blessed,


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