Are You a “Rock Star?”

Yes we have some “MLM Rock Stars” in the business.  Sad to say, we have a lot more “MLM grinders.”  Do you really know the difference?

The rock stars drive the bonus cars, win the trips and walk across the stage to receive the five- and six-figure bonus checks.  The grinders are the poor souls that have to do everything for their team, and never find that magical, mystical thing called “duplication.”  They grind and grind, but never get any real traction.

So what’s the difference?

Grinders concentrate on tactics.  Rock stars create culture.  You can create culture in many important areas.  Some of them include product, rank advancement, integrity, and of course leadership. When you create culture in these areas is when duplication and volume growth really take over.

So how you doing on this?

Are you frantically running around trying to do all the presentations, have your people bring all their prospects to you, and trying to create scripts for every possible situation?  Or have you taught your people how to handle things that come up and duplicate the process with their own people?

Recommended Resource:  If you haven’t been through it, be sure and get my CD training album, How to Become an MLM Rock Star. That will help you in this area a great deal.   There are discs on creating culture, building your volume, developing more leaders and just generally building a huge team that can continue growing long after you quit working.  Get all the details here.


14 thoughts on “Are You a “Rock Star?”

  1. When I first engaged [pun intended] this distinction I made it mean I couldn’t call on 30 new people a day because…. [make up your own story]

    I am an MLM Rock Star wanna be … in training.

    It is going to be a great summer.

    Thank you Randy for being in the lead.

  2. I had my P.H.D(Poor,Hungry,Driven) in network marketing Randy, Now I’m working on my M.B.A(Massive Bank Account), lol. and now the Rock Star mindset IS pouring in.

    You are right, we have to create the culture, the brand and the value that makes others want to achieve greater things in their business and life. Show those in our organization what they can Be, Have and Do and help them get it!

    Like the old slogan “It’s not just a Job, it’s an Adventure”
    it’s a lifestyle and a culture for those determined to succeed…..

  3. OK, my biggest hurdle on becoming an “mlm rockkstar” is duplicating the process, and developing the culture. I manage too much! I present and work with every person differently as if they need special instructions. I have a fairly simple straight forward process that I mention, but I dont think I impress upon new people how important it is to follow. I think because I have selling and people skills I vary my own presentation based on how I read my prospect.

    So therefore, ( I guess I can solve my own problem) if i dont consistently do the process the way I expect others to, how could I teach others with any conviction to do it one way too. I don’t insist on a duplicatible process because i guess I dont believe it can be done effectively that simply. So until I understand that a simple process will work, and until I prove it to myself by doing it, I wont be able to teach it and I wont grow exponentially. Thats whats so great about this forum. You raise questions that we can think about enough first and then determine to solve our own delema. Thanks my friend, I appreciate you! I know what has to be done now.

      1. OK Randy, I just bought the album……I’m ready to Rock & Roll! I’ve been grinding for 14 years making a living… I’m ready to tweek, step up a level create the culture and build a group of millions of interconnected success units, all dancing to the same beat.

  4. At the moment- I am grinder. And not only grinder, more like mole, who digs every day in different direction. In my own 3 month MLM history I understand, that most important thing is to learn expierence ( duplicate) and create new habits in my life. But reading doesn’t give money. I dig and learn, dig and read…and dig again. I also undertand that this is what my prospects learn from me. RG what is more important in the beginning- to learn or look for prospsects in the way I am able at the moment?
    I believe, that I will change myself- from Mole’s Star to Rock Star!

  5. Hi everyone. I’m from India. I’m a network marketer since last 3 years. I’m 23 years old. I have achievements in my organizations which i can boast of. Thanks to my upline and the support of my network. I came to know a lot about Network Marketing from Randy’s book ‘How to Build a Multi-Level. Money Machine’. It was enlightening for me. Thank you Randy for being for those who are not seen by you but your presence is always felt by us.

  6. Hi Randy, I have studied your books and cd/dvd’s over quite some years. It really works and I make a quite ok income which has been stable for 5-6 years. However what really holds me back from making an enourmous downline might be strange to most. I hope you or others could give a piece of advice how to tackle this. I have a quite ok education from school and have had good and well paid jobs over the last 15 years. What keeps me back is the feeling of lacking prestige in MLM. We all know that this business not always has the best reputation and very often – when I speak to my friends or others also with a good education – I can feel that they look down on the business and I take it quite personally. How the h… can I overcome this crazy obstacle, why dont I just forget about what others might think????

    1. First of all, we don’t get to choose what OTHERS think or even make their decisions, nor do we get to control them. What we do get to do is control what WE think and decide. (I’m not just talking to you, if you know what I mean!) Being defensive has never been a very good servant. It usually takes me to places that I don’t like, namely Fear and Ugly.
      Secondly, who’s REALLY putting you down? What thoughts are YOU entertaining in your head? Is there extra pay in your compensation plan for this? Or, is this just a distraction (excuse) not to act?
      And, what about just being the messenger and not the message?
      And lastly, you have permission to be kind and patient with yourself when you decide to do so. Frankly, God is my Master Business Partner and helps me with all this ….when I decide to give Him access.
      With that being said, is it worth your time and energy to stay in your worry zone? Keep breathing (required) and lighten up on yourself! Let go! Or not.
      Have a great day and God bless you, if you so choose!!!

  7. Thanks Randy!
    we have looked at your MLM rock star cd, it’s amazing. am now learning more on duplication nation.
    those who don’t have u better do that!
    God bless you

  8. Hey Randy Gage,

    I am not a grinder i think i am mlm star but yet nobody know it.
    I think that when someony decide to be somethin, than he is that thing in the potential.

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