Five Nights a Week

Want to really blow up your business?  Work it five nights a week.  Sounds crazy, I know…

You’re thinking, “I would five days a week in my job, 8 or ten hours a day.  Then I have my spouse, the kids, all my other responsibilities.”  Exactly.  Which is why you need to do it.

You work five days a week for your boss.  Why not work five nights a week for yourself?  Even if some nights it’s just 30 minutes following up with prospects.  Other nights it will be driving somewhere working in someone’s living room.  But do that consistently, and pretty soon you can fire your boss and be free.

It won’t be easy.  It means sacrifice.  But that’s how you get free.

You up for that?


18 thoughts on “Five Nights a Week

  1. Great post Randy. I have a question: Does 5 nights a week mean business presentations 5 nights a week or business presentations on some nights or phone calls on other nights?

    1. Read the post again. It can be anything related to moving your biz forward. Presentations, follow up calls I would say anything where you are communicating w/ someone or a group of people about you business. People who already expressed an interest and also to new prospects in your target market.

      Just my 2 cents

    2. RG says: “Even if some nights it’s just 30 minutes following up with prospects. Other nights it will be driving somewhere working in someone’s living room. ”

      I would guess it would be a combination of:
      Building your network of prospects by Meeting new people
      Calling prospects to invite or follow up
      Doing presentations for yourself or team
      Counselling the team

  2. Love this! It is so true. You have to work your direct sales job like it is a business (which it is) and that you can get fired at any time just like your day job. That means no slacking. 🙂

  3. I’ll do it Randy. I want make changes but, if anypeople does why I not?
    Gracias por apoyarnos a enfocar nuestros esfuerzos en camino a la libertad. Aprecio mucho tus mensajes!

  4. So damn right Randy, it is not easy, but it is simple !
    it takes consistency in the effort produced to reach your goals .
    thanks for the permanent suggestions and support for our self-improvement.

  5. I agree , and most people wont that’s the way it is

    we just have to come at the right time to the people who are willing to take action even as smaal as 5 night a week

    Thanks for sharing Randy

    Sergio Ervini

  6. Hey Randy Gage’

    In the MLM buseniss everyone is the boss for himself, anddicides how many hours for aday, and when to do his work.It is take some tume to build organization, and to get residual revenue.Till this timeeveryone has to continue his work in the prevous job, under the control of his boss.
    there is a saying: ““Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it.” Anais Nin, Author.

  7. Sound but no-brainer advice, Randy. I mean it goes without saying that the more you work your business, the more successful you will become.


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