Being Prime in Prime Time

Why You Have to Build Wide, Part Two

Last post I suggested that you need to have at least four growing lines.  Here’s why…

The most important determination of your success is how you spend your time each week.  If you’re like most, you work a day job and have limited time to spend.  So you have to make the most of it.  That means rainmaker activity like inviting, presenting and follow up.  So you want to be as productive as possible in “prime time,” which are weeknights from 7 to 10 and afternoons on the weekend.

If you have four lines chasing you, they will pretty much keep you busy during these prime time hours.  They’ll need you for follow up calls, helping with presentations for new people and traveling to support long distance lines.  Keeping an activity schedule like this means you’ll be growing and that’s the pace your team will duplicate.

So here’s the formula:  If your people aren’t keeping you busy, keep yourself busy.  If your team members are not filling up your prime time, keep sponsoring until they do!

Got it?


11 thoughts on “Being Prime in Prime Time

  1. Great advice. I found out the hardway that we should still keep on sponsoring e en if our four active legs are keeping us too busy. Leaders should still allocate at least 10% of Their NWM time for personal sponsoring and the rest of the 90% equally divided among each legs. This is my personal opinion and experience. What does everyone here thinks? Success to all

  2. Randy I have been following your post and right now Am implementing them.It is for a REAL course its working and Am duplicating the same.Cheers Man

  3. (translated by a computer program)
    Bravo, Randy!
    I began to build their downline that way – in the four legs. I think that is correct and reasonable. This has great potential for business growth. Our company provides such an opportunity. Excellent!
    It is important to remember about duplication and the constant expansion of the first line. (And that’s my problem yet).

  4. Zdraveite mr.Randy G i vi jelaia xubav mesets augoust.Pisha vi ot Bulgaria kadeto krizata se usesta mnogo po veche ,no kazvat bednite umeiat da jiveiat…Nie vinagi rabotim ,zastoto xorata imat noujda ot zdrave ili pari…Uspex i na Vas…s pozdrav ot Cherno more…

  5. Yes Sir!!

    It’s time to take a really decision. Some days ago I have one of my best experiences in my life. My company gave me an amazing award: an all paid trip to Europe and a Mediterranean cruise. I have traveled many times around the world. I have stayed in five stars hotels many times too; but honestly, that was the firs time I felt freedom until I came back to my country and had to take another plane to go to other city for work in my traditional business.

    That day when I was sitting before the plane take off, I thogut: “In this moment i’m not really free. I have to do serius my mlm business because I had proved the freedom life for 14 days and I want to have it again for the rest of my life!!!”

    In that moment I decided to begin my mlm business again and begin to sponsor as many people as a I can.

    From Colombia,


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